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auto-translate Water for mark stone fire The designation fire for water marking on March 31st of Showa 19th will be necessary for the development of the wildfire plateau as part of Musashino development by Matsudaira Izu Morinoshinaki which is the lord of Kawagoe in the fourth adaptation (1655) It is a canal canal made for securing living water. The water is about 25 kilometers in length from Ogawa Village in Tama-gun (now, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo) to the Shinkawaegawa River via the wildfire plateau. Shinpei Matsudaira has promoted the development of Nitta since the entrance to Kawagoe, but began developing the plateau which remained as the original field, and for the second year adaptation, she settled 55 farm households on the wildfire plateau I let you get involved in exploitation. However, the dry plateau of the Kanto loam layer was a land that was not satisfactory even for drinking water, so there was a tremendous need for pioneers. Three years of adaptation Matsudaira Shinpachi, who was in the old work of the Edo Shogunate, took part in the opening of the water for ignition fire, with the achievement of completing the Tamagawa Koizumi by obtaining the 30% water separation permission from the Tamagawa Koumi from the Shogunate It was. Construction was ordered to the vassal secretary Kenzematsu Anpatsu, etc. It was said that the adaptation began on February 10 and ended about 40 days later on March 20. Subsequently, tributaries such as Hirinji Hori, Jinya moat etc. were made, but the people of the land who gained rich water gratefully acknowledged this construction and also called the water for ignition as "Izu Azabori". December Heisei City Board of Education Niiza City Cultural Property Protection Committee

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auto-translate 标记石头火水昭和19年3月31日的水标识的火是第4次改编(1655年)中作为川越的主人松平伊豆Morinoshinaki作为武藏野开发的一部分发展的野火高原必要的,这是一条用于确保生命之水的运河运河。从多摩县的小川县(现在的小平市,东京)到新川川,经过野火高原,供水长约25公里。新平松平平自川越入口以来,推动了新田的发展,开始了作为原野的高原的开发,经过两年的适应,在野火高原上安置了55户农户我让你参与开发。然而,关东壤土层干燥的高原,即使是饮用水也是一个不尽如人意的地方,所以急需开拓者。在江户幕府的老作品中,适应了三年的松平新平参加了点火水的开放,并且从幕府取得了玉川口的30%的水分离许可,完成了小川玉川。是的。据称,这次改编是在二月十日开始的,三月二十日约四十天后结束。之后,制作了桧人广彦,金牙护城河等的支流,但是富裕的土地的人民感谢这个建设,并且称为“伊豆阿豆”的点火用水。 12月和平市教育委员会新泻市文化财产保护委员会

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 野火止用水 は、承応四年(1655)に、川越藩主である松平伊豆守信綱 により、武蔵野開発の一環として、野火止台地開拓のため必要とする生活用水の確保を目的として作られた用水路です。
 承応三年、江戸幕府の老中職にあった松平信綱 は、玉川上水 を完成させた功績により、玉川上水から三割の分水許可を幕府より得て野火止用水の開削にとりかかりました。


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