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auto-translate A thousand year Hass 2 thousand years Has been discovered by Dr. Ichiro Oga for the first time in 2,000 years, also known as "Oga Has". The characteristic of Oga lotus differs depending on the environment, but it is about 25 cm in diameter, the petals are slightly thin and pink coloring, flowering is said to be early bloom from late June to mid-July, very beautiful flowers and familiar It is. Sakura-shi and Osaga Has In March 1951, a botanist, Ichiro Oga (1883-1965), a botanist at Chiba City&39;s Kemigawa Ruins excavated three fruits of lotus from the blue peat layer and as a result of dating over 2000 years It was illuminated to be "ancient lotus fruit" before. Dr. Oga made it possible for one of these three fruits to bloom miraculously and make a splendid large pink thin red flower. This lotus was later named "Oga Has" and became world famous. Ms. Tokiko Nagashima from Oshikeke Oshima served as a research assistant for the last eight years, Dr. Oga. Sakura City is striving to preserve Oga lotus because it was a graduate of the former Mrs. High School.

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auto-translate 千年哈斯二千年2000年以来,首次被博士一郎博士发现,也被称为“Oga Has”。花尾莲的特征因环境而异,但直径约25厘米,花瓣稍薄且粉红色,6月下旬至7月中旬开花通常为早花,非常美丽的花朵和熟悉的是的。佐仓市和男鹿在1951年3月,一个植物学家,千叶市的Kemigawa遗址的植物学家Ochi(1883-1965),从蓝色泥炭层发掘了3粒莲花,并由于约会2000年之前被照亮为“古莲花果”。 Oga博士使这三种水果中的一种能够奇迹般地开花,并制作出灿烂的大粉红色薄红色花朵。这莲花后来被命名为“Oga Has”,并成为世界闻名。来自Oshikeke Oshima的Tokichi Nagashima女士担任过去八年的研究助理Oga博士。樱花市正在努力保存Oga莲花,因为它是前高中女士的毕业生。


 二千年ハスは、大賀一郎 博士によって2,000年ぶりにその実が発見され、別名「大賀ハス」とも呼ばれています。

 大賀博士により、これら3粒の実のうち1粒が奇跡的に開花し、見事な大輪の薄紅色の花を咲かせることができました。このハス はのちに「大賀ハス」と名づけられ世界的に有名になりました。


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