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auto-translate Mr. Murakami Yoshihiro Murakami whose name was known in the fight against Yoshimi Kamiyoshi, Shigeo Takeda The residence of Yoshihide Murakami, a castle town of Kakegao Ichigo, has become Katsurao Castle, a mountain castle looking down the Chikuma river. It is about 60 minutes on foot from Sakajo shrine at the foot. Several horikiri marks remained on the east side of the ridge, and you can see the ruggedness of the mountain castle at that time. The view from Katsurao Castle is good and can be seen from other mountain castles. Sengoku at the time of transfer of </s>, the end of Muromachi. Murakami Yoshihide had a year and a long battle with Shige Takeda&39;s intense fight, but in April in Astronomy in 225 (1553), at last the castle and Katsurao castle self-dropped, and in the confusion of the defeat, both parties I will not leave the castle behind in a ditch. Along with some of the waist, the wife descended the dark mountain path as he arrived. Okuta who arrived at the river side of the Chikumagawa river crossed this river and talked about the boat and the boatman to escape to the rough castle of Kamiyamada which is the castle, and talked about the reason. With the consensus of the ship&39;s head, safe side stones I was able to get to. The wife was struck by the feelings of the boatman who brought the boat without sacrificing the danger of his own hands, and handed the wrapped hair to the hair as a thank you. The villagers said that in remembrance of the wife they called this delivering "hands of bamboo". Muzumi Temple Murakami&39;s representative bodhisattva as represented by Yoshiki Murakami. It was erected in Mr. Murakami &39;s residence by the offspring of Yoshinobu Tenma year. The stone-made main honorific is the only thing in the prefecture and it is designated as prefectural treasure. Sakakibara in Furusato History Museum Showa 4th Showa 4 * It is * to tell the present form of construction at the time of construction. "Sakakinjuku" which flourished as a lodging town on the Hokkoku Road * In addition, the state of the time that was the place of the castle of Murakami Yoshihiko, who fought boldly with Kai&39;s Takeda Shingen during the Warring States Period, Materials are on display. "Admission fee 100 Yen" Iron&39;s exhibition hall The wonderfulness of the Japanese sword, the highest peak of iron culture and the swordsmen who opened up the technique, the holders of important intangible cultural properties (human national treasure) late Shingo Miyaji, Shinpei Miyajima, It is an exhibition facility that transfers the appeal of a sword with a history of 1000 years since the Heian era to future generations. It is also an industrial exhibition facility for transferring the technology of "manufacturing" of high-tech town Sakagi. "Admission Fee 400 Yen" Murakami Yoshinori Evangelist Murakami Yoshihiko moved to Echigo after the Kawanakajima battle, and it is reported that he died at the age of 73. This memorial tower was erected by Mr. Sakaki Daisuko Hasegawa Yasuemon and others during the Edo period.

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auto-translate 村上隆一郎在名义上被称为对抗吉野真治的武侠武士,武田孝武市的一个城堡镇Kakegao Ichigo的村上村的住所已经成为Katsurao城堡,这是一座向下看Chikuma河的山城堡。从脚下的Sakajo神社步行约60分钟。山脊东面还有几个水平的痕迹,当时可以看到山城堡的坚固性。从Katsurao城堡的景色是好的,可以从其他山城堡看到。战国时在转运时,在室町的末端。村上隆希与武田武装进行了长达一年的斗争,但是在四月的225年(1553年)的天文学中,最后城堡和Katsurao城堡倒下了,在失败的混乱中,双方我不会把城堡留在沟里。随着一些腰部,妻子在他到达时下降了黑暗的山路。到达Chikumagawa河河边的Okuta穿过这条河,并谈论船和船夫逃到城堡的神社的粗糙的城堡,并谈到了原因。在船头的一致意见下,安全的石块我能够去。妻子被船上的船员的感觉所震撼,船上没有牺牲自己手中的危险,把裹着的头发交给头发,感谢你。村民们说,为了纪念妻子,他们称之为“竹子之手”。村上隆村的代表菩萨以村上由幸代表。由Yoshinobu Tenma年的后代在村上的住所里架设。石制的主要荣誉是县内唯一的,被指定为县府宝藏。古村町历史博物馆的Sakakibara昭和第四昭和4 *在施工时告诉现在的施工方式。作为北国路的住宿小镇兴建的“Sakakinjuku”*此外,在战国时期,与战后武田雄who大胆战斗的村上义子的城堡的地方,材料正在展示。 “入场费100日元”铁展馆日本剑的精湛,铁文化的最高峰和开辟技术的剑客,重要的非物质文化遗产(人类国宝)持有人后宫城久久,宫城新田,这是一个展览设施,将和平时代1000年的剑的魅力转化给子孙后代。它也是转移高科技城坂口“制造”技术的工业展览设施。 “入场费400日元”村上隆幸道夫村上彦在川崎岛战役后搬到了E,,据报他在73岁时死亡。这个纪念塔在江户时代由坂本大辅长濑佑子等人搭建。


村上氏居城 葛尾城跡
 村上義清の居城は、眼下に千曲川を望む山城である葛尾城 となっています。ふもとの坂城神社からは徒歩約60分。東側の尾根づたいにいくつもの堀切跡が残り、当時の山城の険しさがうかがえます。

 時は戦国、室町末期。村上義清は武田信玄 との激しい戦いに明け暮れる年月が続いていましたが、天文二十二年(1553 年)四月、ついに居城・葛尾城が自落し、敗走の混乱の中、奥方とも別れ岐れに城を後にすることななりました。奥方は数人の腰元たちとともに、着の身着のまま暗い山道を下っていきました。


坂木宿 ふるさと歴史館
 昭和4年建築当時の面影を現在に伝える*です。北国街道 の宿場町として栄えた「坂木宿」*また戦国時代に甲斐の武田信玄と果敢に戦った村上義清公の居城の地であった当時の様子をその当時の歴史と文化をひもとく様々な資料を展示しています。《入館料100円》


 村上義清公は川中島合戦後、越後に移り、73歳で没したと伝えられています。この供養塔は江戸時代に坂木代官長谷川安左右衛門 らによって建立されました。


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