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auto-translate Mountain Shimizu station ruins ( catchphrase how do water station after )
City historical site (designated 3/31/1971) Higashiyama road is lined with Sanyo road, Sanin road and Tokaido-Hokuriku road, Nankai and saikaidō ancient road and its formation has been established rule of law institutions and 7 centuries later and.
On this road, 30-RI (about 16 Km) each to station 15 station, Shimizu station on Shinano is in.
Road and station system that established the Yamato Imperial Court have on the political institutions central official exchanges or military for in the was.
Rules such as station on the station master, was standing 10 2 station horse and puts 5 2 tenma in kitasaku-gun had been installed. As a condition of the station also ensure the water one of these, was perfect in water rich of various land said.
This Shimizu station is approximately 270 meters in length and central street to the elevation of approximately 22 m wide and approximately 45 m of depth on both sides, officials of the station house, and through the barrage of stones in the middle of the road, also behind the houses on the north side swallowed dam and along with it goes onto that burglars road lanes. This Weir is understanding branch dams further South, at each end of the station track stretches to the South past the middle way, found with traces of Weir behind the south elevation.
Station system, such as ancient transportation system study on valuable ruins by leave a trail, elevation, and Weir, so. Komoro City Board of education

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auto-translate 山清水站遗址口号怎么水站后)
城市历史遗迹 (选定 1971/3/31)
东山路两旁三洋路、 山阴路和东海北陆路、 南开和 saikaidō 的古道和它的形成一直是建立的法治机构和 7 个世纪后。在这条路上,30 RI (约 16 公里) 每到火车站 15 站,清水正孝信浓川站是在中。
规则,例如车站站长,站 10 2 站马,放 5 2 已经安装在北佐久郡天马。
车站的现状也确保水其中之一,是完善各项土地富说的水中。清水正孝本站是大约 270 米的长度和中央街至海拔约 22 米宽,约 45 米的深度对双方官员派出所里,并通过接二连三的在路中间的石头后面房子北一边吞下坝以及还要到那窃贼行车线上。
Komoro 市教委

 東山道 は、山陽道・山陰道・東海道・北陸道・南海道・西海道と並ぶ古代の官道 の一つで、その成立は律令制度が整備された7世紀以降とされている。こうした官道には、30里(約16Km)ごとに駅が置かれ、清水駅も信濃にある15の駅の一つである。
 官道や駅の制度は大和朝廷 が政治上の目的を持って設置した機関・制度であることから 中央の役人の往来や軍事のためのものであった。


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