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auto-translate A wind hole A wind hole is a hole that cold air blows through a gap between gravel and gravel. A group of ice air holes in an ice village is used as a natural refrigerator (ice room) with a tofu roof so that cold air is not escaped In the Meiji era where sericulture was popular during the Edo era which was stored three hundred years ago from the Edo era and was presented to the lord, the present day, which had been effective in the storage of silkworms (silkworm eggs), apple, pickles, Even in the summer that is used for preserving sake, it is kept as low as 3 ℃ and humidity is around 90%, mold does not occur due to air circulation Freshness and quality can be preserved for a long time, There are more than a dozen air holes that can be said to be high-performance eco refrigerators, now only one unit is in operation In about three hundred wind holes in the whole country, the air hole traces that are densely collected are unusual natural energies Crystal of wisdom utilized to the limit , Perhaps this was the air hole 2017 years in August village Preservation Society of ice Blowhole region onset healthy development support funds business Fourth Annual air hole summit in Shinshu Komoro Executive Committee

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auto-translate 风孔风孔是冷空气吹过砾石和砾石之间的空隙的一个洞,冰村里有一组冰空气孔,作为一个带有豆腐屋顶的天然冰箱(冰室),冷空气不会逸出江户时代三千年前江户时代湄公河流域的明治时代,被提交给了主人,这一天在蚕桑(蚕卵),苹果,腌菜,即使在夏天用于保鲜,保持低至3℃,湿度约为90%,模具不会因空气循环而发生新鲜度和质量可以长期保存,有十几个气孔可以说是高性能的生态冰箱,现在只有一个单元正在运行在全国约三百个气孔中,密集收集的气孔痕迹是罕见的自然能量智慧的水晶用于极限,也许这是空气孔2017年在信州小诸执委会冰气孔地区发病健康发展扶持资金业务第四届气孔峰会八月村保护协会


 風穴(ふうけつ)とは、礫と礫の隙間から冷風が噴き出す穴のこと 氷集落にある氷風穴群は、冷風を逃さないよう茅葺屋根を設け、天然の冷蔵庫(氷室)として活用されてきた 三百年前の江戸時代から氷を貯蔵して、藩主に献上 養蚕 が盛んな明治時代には、蚕種(蚕の卵)の貯蔵に効力を発揮していた 現在では、りんごや漬物、日本酒の保存に利用されている
 夏場でも3℃ほどの低温に保たれ、湿度も90%程度あるものの、空気の循環によりカビが発生することはない 鮮度・品質を落とさず長期間保管できる、まさしく高性能なエコ冷蔵庫といえる
 かつて十数基あった風穴は、今では一基のみ稼働している 全国におよそ三百ヶ所ある風穴の中でも、これほど密集している風穴跡は珍しい
第四回全国風穴サミット in 信州小諸実行委員会


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