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auto-translate Historical site scenic spot scenic natural treasure Central Alpine prefectural park "Floor of sleeping" "Floor of sleeping" is the fact that the torrent of the Kiso river eroded the granite rock for many years and it is a national monument scenic spot natural monument It is specified. Squared joints (cracks) developed in the horizontal and vertical directions found in rocks and pot holes (round holes drawn in Western holes and rocks on the other side) are also typical in Japan. In addition, this huge scenery which Hayato Masaoka Fumiki felt as "Makoto or here in a natural garden ... remembering the heritage of the hermit and treating it" was famous as a stage of Taro Urashima&39;s legendary old days. Taro who came back from Ryu Miyagi went around traveling around the country and was caught in the beauty of sleeping village standing on the way and began to live here. One day, when I remembered the old days and opened the balls box on the rock, I saw that Taro watching, along with the smoke coming out from inside, is said to have become an old man three hundred years old. A small shrine located between pine trees on Iwaki is "Urashimodo" that wears that Urashima Taro. Kamimatsu

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auto-translate 历史遗址景区风景区自然宝藏中央高山县立公园“睡觉的地板”“睡觉的地板”是木曾河的洪流侵蚀花岗岩岩石多年的事实,是国家纪念碑风景区天然纪念物它被指定。在岩石和坑洞中发现的水平和垂直方向上形成的平方关节(裂缝)(在西侧孔中绘制的圆孔和在另一侧的岩石中)在日本也是典型的。另外,Hayato Masaoka Fumiki感觉这个巨大的风景作为“Makoto或者在这里的自然花园......记住隐士的遗产并且对待它”作为太郎太郎的传奇历史的舞台而闻名。从宫城龙(Ryu Miyagi)回来的太郎在全国各地旅行,被困在路边村的美景中,开始住在这里。有一天,当我想起过去的日子并在岩石上打开球盒时,我看到太郎看着,从里面冒出的烟雾,据说已成为一个三百岁的老人。位于Iwaki的松树之间的一个小神社是穿着Urashima Taro的“Urashimodo”。上松

岩盤に見られる水平方向と垂直方向に発達した方状節理 (割れ目)やポットホール (欧穴・対岸の岩にあいた丸い穴)は、日本でも代表的なものです。
また、俳人正岡子規 が「誠やここは天然の庭園にて・・・仙人の住処とも覚えて尊し」と感じ入ったこの絶景は、古くから浦島太郎 の伝説の舞台としても有名です。龍宮城からもどった太郎は、諸国を旅してまわり、途中で立ちよった寝覚の里の美しさにひかれて、ここに住むようになりました。
岩上の松の間にある小さな祠は、その浦島太郎をまつる”浦島堂 ”です。


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