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auto-translate Trace Todaiji Old Shimane Todaiji is a temple erected by Emperor Shomu to pray for the stability and prosperity of the state, the grand scale of the scale is unparalleled in the world, alongside the Heijo Palace, representing the Nara period It is a historical site. Although there was a transition after construction, there was a large auditorium in the northern part of the Great Buddha statue (Edo era National Treasury), a monument trace, a diner trace, Shosoin (Nara period) southward Namdaemun (Kamakura period National Treasure) Hokkaido Tsukidō Nara era national treasure) There is a cloister in the west and you can still be able to outgrow the prosperity of the day. The precincts were also very vast and far from the flat ground part to the mountain part, far wider than the inside of the prefecture. The west end faces the present handhold street at Heijo-kyo&39;s Tokyo Polar Street and along this there are the Ruins gate (Nara period National Treasure) Nakadono, Nishinomonomono etc. Other three sides also keep that old rule. The historical site Todaiji Temple was designated as a national historic site on July 20th of Showa 7 in order to preserve the figure in the precincts of this Nara period, and it is a place of historical value. March 1911, Nara Prefecture Board of Education

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auto-translate 跟踪东大吉老岛根东大寺是由皇帝Shomu建立的祈祷国家的稳定和繁荣的寺庙,规模的巨大规模在世界上是无与伦比的,与平成二宫,代表奈良时代这是一个历史遗迹。虽然施工后有过渡,大佛雕像(江户时代国库)北面有一个大礼堂,纪念碑痕迹,晚餐痕迹,寿臣(奈良时期)南大门(镰仓时期国宝)北海道Tsukidō奈良时代国宝)西面有一个修道院,你仍然能够超过一天的繁荣。这些区域也非常广阔,远离平地部分到山地,远远大于县内。西端面向黑河京都东京极地街现在的手hold街,沿途有废墟门(奈良时期的国宝)Nakadono,Niminomonoono等。其他三方也保留了旧规。为了保护这个奈良时期的地区,这个历史遗迹大多寺被指定为昭和7号7月20日的国家历史遗址,是具有历史价值的地方。奈良县教育委员会1911年3月

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 東大寺 は、聖武天皇 が国家の安泰と繁栄を祈るために建立された寺で、その規模の雄大なことは、世界に比類がなく、平城宮と並んで奈良時代を代表する史跡である。創建後の変遷はあったが、大仏殿(江戸時代国宝)を中心として北方に大講堂跡、僧坊跡、食堂跡、正倉院(奈良時代)南方に南大門(鎌倉時代国宝)法華堂(三月堂奈良時代国宝)西方に戒壇院があっていまなお盛時の姿をしのぶことができる。境内もきわめて広大で平地部から山間部にわたり現境内よりはるかに広かった。西端は平城京の東京極路で現在の手貝通りに面しこれに沿って轉害門(奈良時代国宝)中門跡、西大門跡等があり他の三面もまたその旧規をとどめている。


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