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auto-translate Historic tree cotton original treasures
Specify 11/15/1978
Tree cotton original ruins are the ruins spanning from Okinawa Midden period early to late has become a cemetery of the late 2002, 300 years ago, box type sarcophagus tombs, including the principal.
To provide valuable material about the burial practices of the Okinawa primitive societies was unclear for a long time, successfully Okinawa's first box type sarcophagus tombs discovered by the excavations of 0/1977. Survey results, 7 box type sarcophagus tombs and bodies 17 human skeletons were unearthed. Structure of sarcophagus graves has table corals can be taken in the near coastal and limestone material, folded into a rectangular-shaped box type sarcophagus base structures, stone of the superstructure was on the top of that. Remains of more than one were placed on each coffin, confirmed the burial of 13 bodies from the sarcophagus of the four.
Remains in the coffin is hardly taken extension burial burial method, can glimpse part of spiritual life for the people at the time of death has been deferred, giant clam, worn to the bone on.
This ruins are intended Kyushu Yayoi cultural exchanges, from excavated grave system of box type sarcophagus graves exist, and made of clay shell rings and the early Yayoi period pottery, etc., are as important as article chronology of the prehistoric culture can understand in relation to culture and Yayoi on the Mainland.

Ministry of education & Okinawa Yomitan Village
Breeders No. 5 box type stone coffin Tomb No. 9 Dederiyeh
㈪ type sarcophagus tombs
▲ left: pottery vase type, right: Yayoi pottery
▲ Shell ring
▲ assumed unusually shell ring Human bones and box type sarcophagus tombs group plan

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auto-translate 历史树棉原始珍宝
指定 1978/11/15
树棉原始废墟是 2002 的跨越从冲绳蚂蚁时期早来晚了已经成为一座公墓年末,300 年前,框类型石棺墓,包括主要的废墟。
提供有价值的材料,关于冲绳原始社会的埋葬习俗是不清楚很长的时间,成功地冲绳的第一框类型石棺墓葬发现由 0/1977 年的挖掘。
调查结果,7 框类型石棺墓和机构 17 人类骨骼出土。结构的石棺墓已的表珊瑚可以采取在附近的沿海和石灰石材料,折叠成矩形框类型石棺基础结构,上层建筑的石头是顶上的。仍然多于一被放在每个棺材,证实了 13 具尸体从石棺中提取的四个埋葬。在棺材里仍然几乎不采取扩展埋葬埋葬方法,可以瞥见精神生活的一部分的人的死亡时间已被推迟、 巨蛤,磨损至骨上。
此遗址是意欲的九州弥生文化交流、 从框类型石棺墓群出土严重系统存在,和所作的粘土壳环和早期弥生时期陶器等,是条年表史前文化能理解文化和弥生时代在内地一样重要。

饲养者号 5 框类型石头棺墓号 9 Dederiyeh
㈪ 类型石棺墓
▲ 左: 陶花瓶类型,右: 弥生时代的陶器
▲ 贝壳戒指
▲ 异常地假定的贝壳戒指

国指定史跡 木綿原遺跡
 木綿原遺跡は沖縄貝塚時代の前期から後期にまたがる複合遺跡であり、その主体は2千2,3百年前の箱式石棺墓 を含む後期の墓地となっている。



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