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auto-translate Hometown of the Jet engine "on the monument

'Hometown of Jet engine' monument is built by participant contributions equipment IHI tanashi factory after World War II made history in Japan of Jet engine development and production closure and relocation. "Hometown Jet engine was named in the IHI opens factory for Jet engines as tanashi factory 0/1957 this is the center of the Jet engine industry it was left to future generations.

Also this area even deeper historical places in the aircraft industry in the former factory has produced components for aircraft from the early Showa era. Tanashi factory was established since 50 years, environment greatly changed and developed as a residential area around the plant.

Tanashi factory finished the mission as the factory 0/2007, the site was used as a place of civic life, place of rest. Description panel placed around the spells of tanashi factory and aviation space industry development and are, 'Jet engine hometown monument represents a symbolic part of a Jet engine Blade (wing).

Description tokiwadai House of bricks is tanashi factory at that time was used to the Office.

Expect to start in life ahead or old tanashi mill this monument the history together with the citizens, in addition to future from this science and technology with many young people.
3/2008 IHI and volunteer members

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auto-translate "纪念碑上的喷气发动机的家乡

'家乡喷气发动机' 纪念碑是由由参与人的缴款设备 IHI 田无厂后第二次世界大战中日本的喷气发动机的开发和生产关闭和搬迁创造了历史。

"家乡喷气发动机被评为 IHI 打开工厂为喷气式飞机引擎田无厂 0/1957 这是它留给下一代喷气发动机产业的中心。这个地区甚至更深层次历史的地方在原厂的飞机制造业也产生从早期的昭和时代的飞机部件。

田无厂成立 50 年来,极大地改变,并且开发一个住宅区,核电站周围的环境。田无工厂完成使命作为工厂 0/2007年,该网站被用作一个地方公民生活、 休息的地方。

周围的田无厂和航空航天工业发展,法术说明面板放置喷气发动机的家乡纪念碑表示的喷气发动机叶片 (翼) 的象征性作用。描述常盘台砖房子是田无厂在当时被用到办公室。


2008 年 3 月
IHI 和志愿人员


この「ジェットエンジンのふる里」記念碑は、戦後日本のジェットエンジンの開発・生産の歴史を作ってきたIHI田無工場 の閉鎖・移転を機に、関係者の寄付により建てられたものです。







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