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auto-translate As for the establishment of Ming dynasty Komagata Shrine there is little record and it is not clear, but this district is the so-called Shinano pastureland, and it is presumed as a shrine related to Maki There. It was designated as a National Treasure by the National Treasure Conservation Law on May 30, Showa 24, but now it is designated as an Important Cultural Property due to the enforcement of the Cultural Property Protection Act. Although reconstruction has been reported as civilization 1886 (1486), it is thought that it is the building of that time from the viewpoint of modeling method as well. With respect to the subsequent history, we repaired by 11th year Yanagi, 4 years of extension, 12 years of Genroku, 1st year of Hoei, 1st year of Hoei and 2nd year of Kanpyo respectively, with the building tags, repairing the roof, roofing in Yosonaga and Yoshinaga It is known that the roof was repaired again in the year, then the 10 years of Kanazawa, the eighth year of the government and the first year of the ten thousand years. Structural form. One time company creative flowing cresting roofing (Koraba roof was modified by conservation repair) Scale girder 1, 522 meters line 2, 22 meters high 2, 395 meters high 4, 225 Meter area 3, 368 square meters Roof area 17, 544 square meters The decoration and relaxation of the main shrine became severe and it became necessary to repair on preservation of cultural property, and construction started on October 1, 1943 After completion of the construction period of 12 months, construction was completed on September 30, 1962. Total construction cost: 600,000 yen. March 1, 1974 Saku City Board of Education Agency for Cultural Affairs

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auto-translate 明确驹形是不是穷明确了靖国神社,该区域位于所谓的信浓Makinoji建国记录,本尊估计神社与希相关,因为它所载的男人和妇女的两项雕像的女人在上面的那里。昭和已经获得了国宝级的指定由两个比十四年5月30天国宝保存法,目前被指定为通过法律的强制保护文化财产的重要文化财产。重建据说是1486年(1486),被认为是当时还鉴于型方法的建立。之后,1634年被建筑法案的历史,1676年1699年第一宝永年,并于1742年重修,分别是宝历八年1778年到屋顶葺替,1792今年再次修复,那么在1798年里,众所周知,每一个1825年的和扩展的第一年屋顶葺替已经开展。结构格式。其中本公司之间流动建筑七叶树葺(瓦葺通过保守修修订)比例的纵之一,512米Yanagyo二,228米屋檐高度的两个,395米Munadaka四个225计平区三,368平方米屋顶面积十七544平方米腐烂的正殿,松弛发生在文化遗产保护修复进行南瑞甚得当,踏上了1938年的今年10月1,建设的必要性通过建设期12个月1969年九月三十天完成的工作。总造价六百Jitsuyorozu日元。 1972年3月的一天教育文化厅的佐久市教育局


 昭和二十四年五月三十日国宝保存法 により国宝の指定を受けたが、文化財保護法 の施行により現在は重要文化財に指定されている。
構造形式。一間社流造り とち葺(こけら葺が保存修理により改められた)
規模 桁行 一、五一二メートル
   簗行 二、二二八メートル
   軒高 二、三九五メートル
   棟高 四、二二五メートル


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