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auto-translate The monument of the blues pool Tajiki twelve years (1923) The Koganei village youth society The Shirai branch is currently building and planning a modern pool to contribute to youth sports education improvement and spiritual training, borrowing the shrines and temples of Tsui Shrine and Mami-ji Temple , The water source was a plan of a pool not to be seen in the neighborhood of 50 rice rice US width 16 rice fifty deep and one rice six hundred o&39;clock utilizing the spring water generated from the backyard of the shrine. Construction cost will be 100 yen to the village as well as to the village as well as to the village as well as the labor service and Atsushi donation purse, the construction workforce has obtained the commissioned service of all of Tsui, finally founded on the seventh day of the same year in the same year, July To be completed in the middle of the month will be the completion ceremony on Saturday 20th. Following the change of the station, the Youth Association was reorganized as a young group and its management was also difficult. Soon after the establishment of the Tsutsui Sumitai Association, it became the place to be transferred to Mrs. Children &39;s Association after the war. This pool, which has made tremendous achievements in improving youth sports education and spiritual training in and around the area for a long period of half a century, not only to learn swimming skills but also to a lot of nurturing. We will honor the building monument, appreciation of virtue here because we will tell everyone of the learners, and each employee who served in the management of management to the posterity for a long time. Showa 52-2, October 10 Tsubo Shrine&39;s premises renovation construction civic society established

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auto-translate 布鲁斯游泳池的纪念碑塔吉基十二年(1923年)小金井村青年会Shirai分店目前正在建设和规划一个现代化的游泳池,为青少年体育教育改善和精神训练做贡献,借用Tsui神社和Mami-ji Temple的神社和寺庙,水源是利用从神社的后院产生的泉水在50米饭美国宽16米五十米和一米六百点附近看不到的游泳池的计划。村庄以及村庄以及村庄以及劳务和Atsushi捐赠钱包的建设成本为100日元,建筑工人已获得全部委托服务,最终于同年7月成立,同年7月将于本月中旬完成,将于周六20日完成。随着车站的改变,青年协会被重组为一个年轻的团体,管理也很困难。在Tsutsui Sumitai协会成立后不久,它就成了战后儿童协会的转移地。这个游泳池在长达半个世纪的时间里,在改善该地区及周边地区的青少年体育教育和精神训练方面取得了巨大成就,不仅学习游泳技巧,而且还有很多培养。我们将尊重建筑纪念碑,在这里欣赏美德,因为我们会告诉每个人的学习者,以及管理管理层的每一位员工长期以来为后人服务。昭和52-2,10月10日Tsubo Shrine的房屋装修建设市民协会成立

大正十二年(# 1923)小金井村 青年会貫井支部は現下青少年体育向上と精神鍛錬とに資すべく近代的プールの建設や企画、その敷地は貫井神社真明寺 の社寺地を借用、水源は神社裏山より生ずる湧水を利用し長さ五〇米巾十六米五〇深さ一米六〇の近隣にもみないプールの計画であった。建設費は勤労奉仕と篤志寄進の浄財をあてて村内はもとより広く近隣市町村に及び、総額壱阡参百円となり建設労働力は貫井全員の就役奉仕を得、遂に同年五月七日起工、七月中旬完成なるに同月二十日盛大に完成式挙行となる。後青年会は時局の変遷に伴い青年団と改称又その経営も困難多く、やがて貫井水友会 が組織されたが、戰後、氏子総代会に移管するところとなった。半世紀の永きに亘り当地並びに近郊の青少年体育向上と精神鍛錬に多大の功績をのこしたこのプールは單に水泳技術習得のみならず、幾多の育英に資せしめたる。先覚者各位、並びにその経営管理に奉仕せられた各関係者の芳恩を永く後世に伝えんがためここに建碑、感謝報徳の顕彰とする。


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