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Forest of Residents?
●Forest of Residents, established in the hilly country of Onna Village's Attadake in the year Showa 61, is a place for all Okinawan citizens to experience, learn about, and make friends with nature. The forest is structured with the goal of increasing understanding of forests while offering recreation and contributing to increased healt.
Within 181 hectares of open nature, customers can use trails, climb mountains and search nature, play sports, camp, play park golf, and enjoy other outdoor activities to their hearts' content.

●Going from east to west at 160 meters, sea level, of Attadake on horseback along the eastern part of the mountainm, customers can enjoy the trails leading to a mountain-climbing course, the nature obsevation cours, running along the southern stream, drifting along with the riverside course. Types of plants include Siebold's magnolia, over 250 types of plants that grow together on the mountain such as Ryukyu fernsand cedar, plus other types of, large ferns, fuka no ki, ivy trees, tabu no ki, and others can be seen. From mid-moutain to the summit, acorn-sprouting Japanese stone oak cluster togerher; Chinese herbs, Ryukyu linear-leaved bamboo and and many others grow.

●In the park are many flowering trees. From January the cherry blossoms open; March and April bring azaleas and lapacho, April and May have liliesand coral trees, and from July to October customers can enjoy queen's myrtle and other flowers.

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auto-translate 和公共森林吗?
-所有公民公共森林是森林宠爱和通过森林结构的学习经历,和在同一时间通过森林游憩在促进健康方面作出贡献 0/1986年理解加深的作用在恩纳村奥山山麓被打开。
您可以享受登山步道广阔林中使用的 181 公顷的山和自然探险、 体育、 营、 高尔夫和其他户外活动。

-160 米奥山马行为高运行的东到西拥抱山峰攀登和自然观察路线,南跑了溪,拥抱这条河是流的课程。
植物和主要类型和日立在超过 250 种类从流见 リュウビンタイ 图 1 铁线蕨,是幼虫,カクレミノ、 佩尔塞亚黑松海防和以上裙、 并且微凉的体育问题首脑会议,在山坡,也增加了更多的 shibanikkei、 リュウキュウチク 等......

-树木在花园里含苞欲放得太多,在 4 月-5 月,开始 2 月樱花盛开,并在 3-4 个月的杜鹃花,自卸车,麝香百合、 deigo、 オオバナサルスベリ 你可以享受 7-10 朵。

●県民の森は、県民のみなさんが森林ふれあいや体験学習を通して森の仕組みや役割について理解を深め、同時に森林レクレーションを通して健康増進に寄与することを目的に、昭和61年に恩納村熱田岳 の丘陵地帯に開設されました。




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