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auto-translate Fuchu-cho Cultural Property Information Board Near the Kofu Cultural Property Information ① Sanuki National Agency National Government Office of Monkey is mainly estimated around the current Fuchu-cho Honmura. The excavation survey also confirmed the Kofu related remains, and although the National Agency, which is the central part of the Kofu, is still undetected, the National Agency monument built in the Meiji is thought to be in the center of the prefecture. ② Keshigami Tower Trace (Kagawa Prefecture Designated Historic Site) The ancient temple tower marked in the guests&39; winter night of Sugawara Mimako&39;s poetry collection "Suga herbusu" who was assigned as a Sanuki no Koko. A foundation stone has been detected around the heart, and the cornerstone of the tower at that time is almost completely left. ③ Shiori Keika Shrine · Shogo-do This is a shrine dedicated to Emperor Takemitsu, the 75th Emperor. Building built in part of the precincts was built in the Meiji model imitating the Imperial Palace built in this area and was also called Tonomaru dono from the Imperial Palace built with wooden logs at that time . ④ The inner back Izumi It is left behind the well that Emperor Takanori spent in Kinomaru donkei of Kotokaoka has used as a drinking water. ⑤ Takanori Kikuzuka There is a tradition of the emperor&39;s empress and the tomb of the deceased who died in childhood. ⑥ Watanabe Takude There is a legendary story with the place where the emperor was buried such as arm used such as arm. ⑦ Shiroyama Shrine · Nishiyama Shrine An architect of the Sanuki, Yushin Kaiuchi Taisha shrine dedicated to Kamikaze king. The stone lantern of Nishiyama Shrine is unusual to carve a Buddha statue in a fire bag. ⑧ Mark 錀 明 神 印 The place which kept the signs and の of the National Agency was called a seal, and it became to be enshrined as a God of Merciless as a god who keeps the times descended and important. ⑨ Yanagida monument It is said that Yanagi&39;s busy pond that appeared in Emperor Takanori&39;s assassination theory was there. ⑩ Sakai Stone (Border Stone / Kokubunki) A stone that remains a tradition with the central stone of the monument of Sanuki. Fuchu elementary school garden Southeastern corner is left behind. ⑪ Shinkansen tomb Mugi-tomb tomb around the end of the 6th century, the side-hole type stone chamber tomb with the second scale in the city. I do not know the burials and others, but Sue and auricles have been excavated. March, 2005 Sakaide City Board of Education Sakaide City Board of Education · 1984 Lottery Grants Project

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auto-translate 府中町文化财产信息委员会附近甲府文化财产信息①赞国国立机关国民政府猴子办公室主要估计目前的府中町本村。挖掘调查还证实了甲府相关的遗骸,虽然作为甲府中心部分的国家机构仍未被发现,但明治时期建造的国家机构纪念碑被认为是该县的中心。 ②KeshigamiTower Trace(香川县指定的历史遗址)在Sugawara Mimako的诗集“Suga herbusu”的客人的冬夜中标记的古老的寺庙塔被指定为Sanuki no Koko。在心脏周围检测到了一块基石,当时的塔基石几乎完全被留下了。 ③ShioriKeika神社·Shogo-do这是一个献给第75位皇帝Takemitsu的神殿。建于部分区域的建筑物是在明治模型中建造的,模仿在这个区域建造的皇宫,并且也被称为当时用木制木制建造的皇宫的Tonomaru dono 。 ④内背泉泉在高冈的Kinomaru donkei花费了皇帝Takanori用作饮用水的井。 ⑤KananoriKikuzuka有一个皇帝的皇后和死者的童年时代死亡的坟墓的传统。 ⑥WatanabeTakude有一个传说中的故事,皇帝被埋葬的地方,如手臂等使用的手臂。 ⑦城山神社·西山神社是神社的建筑师,Yushin Kaiuchi Taisha神社供奉神风王。西山神社的石灯笼在火袋中雕刻佛像是不寻常的。 ⑧马克錀明神印保存国家机关的标志和の的地方被称为封印,并且作为一个保持时代下降和重要的神,被作为无情的上帝奉祀。 ⑨Yanagida纪念碑据说在Takanori皇帝的暗杀理论中出现的Yanagi繁忙的池塘在那里。 ⑩酒井石(边石/国分寺)与赞岐纪念碑的中央石头保持传统的石头。府中小学花园东南角落后。 ⑪新干线陵墓穆古墓墓在6世纪末左右,侧孔式石室墓与城市中的第二个规模。我不知道埋葬和其他人,但苏和耳廓被挖掘出来。 2005年3月坂出市教育委员会坂出市教育委员会·1984年彩票补助金项目

 讃岐の国司として赴任していた菅原道真公 の詩文集「菅家文草 」の客者冬夜の中に記された古代寺院の塔跡。心礎を中心に礎石が検出されており、当時の塔礎石がほぼ完全に残されています。
 第75代天皇である崇徳上皇 を祀る神社。境内地の一部に建てられた建物は、この地に建てられた御所を模して明治に建てられたもので、当時は木の丸太で造った御所から木ノ丸殿とも呼ばれました。
 崇徳上皇の皇子で幼少に亡くなった顕末 の墓との伝承が残されています。
 讃岐の国造、神櫛王 を祀る延喜式内大社 。西山神社の石燈籠は火袋に仏像を彫り込むめずらしいものです。
堺石 (境石・国分石)碑
 6世紀末頃の巨石墳で、市内で2番目の規模をもつ横穴式石室墳 。被葬者などはわかりませんが、須恵器や耳環などが出土しています。
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