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auto-translate ocr-generated Agriculture in Edo and Tokyo Former Nakasendo is a seed shop highway Some travelers who pass through the old Nakasendo stop by a farmer along the highway to use the porch to eat lunch. When travelers see unfamiliar vegetables in the farmer&39;s garden or in the soil, many people want seeds to grow in the country, and eventually they sell seeds as a side business of the farmer. After that, when excellent vegetables such as Takinogawa Gobo and Takinogawa carrots produced in Edo and Tokyo appeared, a specialty store dealing with seeds was opened, and in the middle of the Meiji era, between Togenuki Jizo of Negamo and Shimizu-cho, Itabashi-ku, about 6 km. With 9 seed shop wholesalers and 20 retail stores lined up, it became a seed shop highway. In the writing filed at the representative office in 1643, it is stated that a seed merchant from Suwa, Nagano Prefecture, came to the multiple copy seedling shop (Nishisugamo, Toshima-ku) to purchase. You can buy seeds by pulling 12 to 3 horses, raise the flag of "Man Seed" on your way home, wholesale them to a seed wholesaler on the highway, sell them to farmers, and walk around, just like a drug dealer in Toyama. Seeds were also traded by peddlers. 1997 JA Tokyo Group Agricultural Cooperative Law Enforcement 50th Anniversary Project Tokyo Seedling Association THE AGRICULTURE OF EDO

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auto-translate 在江户和东京由农业生产的农业前中森堂是一条种子商店高速公路。一些穿过中森堂的旅行者在高速公路旁被一个农民停下来,用门廊吃午餐。当旅行者在农民的花园或土壤中看到陌生的蔬菜时,许多人都希望种子能在该国种下,最终他们出售种子作为农民的副业。此后,当出现在江户和东京生产的T野川Go和and野胡萝卜等优质蔬菜时,开设了一家专门处理种子的专卖店,在明治时代中期,位于内贺茂的Togenuki Jizo和板桥清水町之间。 ku,约6公里,有9家种子店批发商和20家零售店排成一列,成为一条种子店高速公路。 1643年在代表处提交的书面文件中说,长野县Su访县的一家种子商人来到多份种苗店(丰岛区西巢鸭)购买。您可以拉12至3匹马来购买种子,在回家的路上举起“ Man Seed”的旗帜,在高速公路上将它们批发给种子批发商,卖给农民,然后到处走走,就像在富山的毒贩一样种子也被小贩买卖。 1997年JA东京农业集团农业合作社执法50周年项目东京苗木协会江户农业

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江戸・東京の農業 旧中山道はタネ屋街道

The Old Nakasendõ, a Seed Dealers' Highway
People travelling along the old Nakasendõ used to drop in the farmers' house to eat their own lunches. When
they saw a vegetable new to them in farmer's premises, they often asked for some seeds to take home to grow them.
Eventually, farmers began to sell seeds as their side job. Then, by the year 1890, there were 9 wholesalers and 20,
retailers of seeds within the span of 6 km along the Nakasendő between Togenuki-Jizõ in Sugamo and
Shimizu-cho in Itabashi ward. The old Nakasendõ looked like a Seed Dealers Highway in those days.


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旧中山道はタネ屋街道 江戸・東京の農業


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