The Shisa (Stone Lion) of Nakachi

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The Shisa (Stone Lion) of Nakachi

 The Shisa of Nakachi is located on the western end of the settlement, enshrined at the entrance and facing away from the neighborhood, toward Prefectural Route 231 (commonly known as the Itoman highway). It is believed to be positioned this way to prevent malicious spirits from entering the area. The Shisa has been revered by the people as a protective deity since long ago, and even today, it is cherished by the people as spiritual symbol in the local events such as the Shisa Ugami held to pray for safety of the residents on August 15 of the lunar calendar, and in Abushibare in April of the lunar calendar.

 There are detailed lores passed down in the area of a Shisa that was positioned at the square at the northern end of the settlement, referred to as Shi-shi-nu-me, at the time of the Meiji Period. It is said that the Shisa was moved to its present location in the Meiji Period upon a decision in a residential meeting, due to plans for the construction of a main road (the present Prefectural Route 231) at the western side of the settlement.

 Even today, the Shisa is contributing to the safety of the area’s traffic, as it oversees a heavily congested area. The Shisa will continue to quietly watch over the people in and around Nakachi in the future as well.

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auto-translate 他仲地志 (石头狮子) 佐

仲地志佐位于西方年底结算,供奉在入口处和朝附近,向全州路线 231 (俗称糸满公路)。据说要定位这种方式来防止恶意精神进入该地区。自很久以前,一直作为守护神人尊崇的鼬,即使在今天,它人民珍视作为精神的象征,在当地的活动如鼬 Ugami 举行,8 月 15 日农历而定,并在 Abushibare 在农历四月祈求居民的安全。

有详细的说法,在该地区被放置在广场北端的沉降,明治时期的时间所述一样石-石-怒江-我,鼬传下来。它是说,鼬被转移到其目前的位置在明治时期在计划建设的一条主要道路 (目前全州路线 231) 住宅次会议上,决定在西面的解决。




 名嘉地のシーサーは集落の西端に位置しており、県道231号線(通称糸満街道)から集落へ入る入口に鎮座し、集落の外側に向いている。災厄をもたらすとされる対象については明確ではないが、集落入口に位置していることから、外からやって来る様々な邪気を集落に入れないよう設置されたと推測される。古くから名嘉地の守り神 とされ、現在でも旧暦八月十五日 にムラの安全祈願をする「シーサー拝み 」や旧四月 の「アブシバレー 」で拝まれ、字名嘉地の方々に信仰の対象として大切にされている。




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