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auto-translate Monument Takamine in lush forests belong to the small feudal ages, attributed to state-owned at the time of the Meiji Restoration and. Every morning and evening the need to have 恵澤 and villagers are addressed also to the disposal father parent as well. 0/1952 finally and ozato village individuals more than 60 city walking forest of 21 million yen, or incidental the agrarian reform of the twenty remaining hectare reclaimed Telecasting passed further. To achieve the long-cherished desire joy and folds no thing. Twenty 9-year village is merged with the komoro city other 4 villages, city forest near the village named Takamine property, and would be held in the old village. Is referred to as her dam on this mountain. Nurturing the Earth like Buronson and Tetsuo Hara, out, terrified. Showa twenty is seeking property, renovation costs 8 years, when Mayor and Chairman, obtains the approval of the Government establish a land improvement district. Finally a poured enormous sums of 7 years 15 million yen since the start of construction the extension 4000 U.S. waterways. Not benefit from or even boundless.

Celebration of completion here, erected the monument in two views, influenced the historical commemoration intends.
4/1960, komoro, Takamine property.
Komoro, Takamine land improvement district
撰文 与良 Ching Meigi amount level book Yukio Omori

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高岭在茂密的森林中属于小的封建时代,明治维新时归因于国有和。 每天早上和晚上需要有恵澤和村民也处理处置的父亲以及文件夹的父。 0/1952年最后和 ozato 村庄个人超过 60 城市行走的 2100 万日元或附带的二十多个剩余公顷土地改革回收电视片通过进一步的森林。 以实现长久以来的心愿喜悦和褶皱没有的东西。 二十 9 年村庄合并 komoro 市其他 4 个村,在村庄附近的城市森林名叫高岭属性,与将在老村举行。 被指她在这座山上的大坝。 培养像 Buronson 和 Tetsuo Hara 地球,出来,吓坏了。 昭和二十寻求财产、 装修费 8 年,当市长和主席,获得政府的批准建立土地改善区。 最后浇大笔大笔的建设推广 4000 美国水道开始以来的 7 年 1500 万日元。 不受益于或甚至无限。 完成在这里,庆祝竖立纪念碑在两个视图中,影响历史纪念打算。

Meigi 量级书官房长官大森



 昭和三十五年四月           小諸市高峯財産区
                    撰文 与良 清
                    篆額並書 大森行雄


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