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auto-translate City historic line people mound Address Toida Saki 1-chome 25th street Yakushido precinct Koshu highway and Oyama highway intersection Designated July 12, 1945 This mound is the Idezuka of the people of Matsumatsu, Sensen in Sendai. Yushi, who was a doctor and a doctor of Date, came to this end of his country&39;s journey to achieve the spirit of worshiping Buddhas in various places. After that, as the explanation of the stone Buddha, Yensen made a statue of Yakushi-nuri, and after great fulfillment, he dug a grave hole himself, and left the villager saying, "When the death of the wolf is when it is my life," It is said that it was settled on January 12th, the year of Genroku 15 (1702), after the end of the shamisen. After the death, a mound was built by the villagers and it is called "Gojinzuka". It is said that Zensen&39;s sensibility extends to villagers as well as to neighborhoods, and that people worship the depth of their mercy, build monuments and work hard in faith. In the folk religion history of the region, it has remained a great religious impression today for a long time of three hundred years. The present mound was refurbished in 1972, and experts excavated during this construction, confirming the existence of ashes. 1974 March 24 Chofu City Board of Education

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auto-translate 城市历史线人民土墩地址Toida Saki 1丁目25街Yakushido区Koshu高速公路和Oyama高速公路交叉口指定1945年7月12日这个土墩是仙台松松,森森人的Idezuka。作为医生和约会医生的玉石,为了实现在不同地方崇拜佛陀的精神而走到了这个国家的旅程的尽头。在那之后,作为对石佛的解释,Yensen制作了一个Yakushi-nuri雕像,经过很大的实现,他自己挖了一个墓洞,然后让村民说:“狼死的时候就是我的生命”。据说,在三味线结束后,Genroku 15(1702年)的1月12日定居。死后,村民建造了一个土墩,称为“Gojinzuka”。据说,森森的敏感性延伸到村民和社区,人们崇拜他们的怜悯深处,建造纪念碑并努力工作。在该地区的民间宗教历史中,它在今天长达三百年的时间里仍然是一种伟大的宗教印象。现在的土墩于1972年进行了翻新,专家们在这次施工期间进行了挖掘,确认了灰烬的存在。 1974年3月24日调布市教育局

 住所 飛田給一丁目二十五番地 薬師堂境内
 指定 昭和四十九年七月十二日
 この塚は、仙台の人松前意仙入定塚 である。
 伊達藩士 にして医師であった意仙は、薬師如来に帰依礼拝の心があつく、各地の仏閣廻拝の心を遂げようと、諸国遍歴の末ここに足をどめた。その後、意仙は石仏説明のとおり、薬師如来像をつくり、大願成就後、自ら墓穴を掘り、村人に「鉦のやんだときは、わが命のつきたときである」と言い残してその中に入り端座叩鉦誦結 三味の末、元禄十五年(# 1702)一月十 二日に、入定したという。
昭和六十三年 三月二十四日


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