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auto-translate Osamu Temple Shrine The founding age of our company is not clear, but as the development of the former Danzawa County was promoted by the Company&39;s protection, the faith in each village in the county got thicker and said to be said to be general guardianship Has been done. For this purpose, our company&39;s reconstruction and construction, etc. were made by donations from each village in the county. The god of rituals is called Yoshimi Takashi, Kinosuke Hanasaki Night Hime. The reason we refer to the company as Shimoku ("Togo" etc) is that due to the frequent flood of the Tone River, this region is located in southeast island, Northwest island, Otsuka Island, Regions with geographical names (Nagase Yashima) of Nogashima, Takashima, Yajima, Boshishima, Isejima, Yokase, Nakase have always been damaged, so it is said that we believed the company as these guardian gods . In addition, our company is famous as a god of affordance from the far side, there are many worshipers of believers, in this case also famous for dedicating the lost ladle from the bottom. During the Spring Festival on April 10, Ryogaku is dedicated. March 1991 March Okabe-machi, Saitama Prefecture

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auto-translate MamorusanTai神社本公司成立年龄不明确,开拓者在老半泽县,因为这已经被我们的祝福推进,相信在全县每个村变得粘稠,据说来了作为总监护人,被称为是的。出于这个原因,我们的重建和装修等,与村里从每个县的贡献,取得。神是花笑Yoruhimeinochi敬之琼人Kinemikoto树。在提及本公司及Shimamamoru(也读作“语法”等),由经常泛滥区域的是利根川,特别是目前西南岛屿位于深谷华北,西北岛,大冢岛, Uchikeshima,高岛,矢岛,Chiaraijima,伊岛,横濑,与濑(延世八)的地名的地区,因为它总是破坏,据报道,由于本公司的信心,因为这些监护人。此外,本公司,从这个角度为顺产的神,信仰的信徒谁是多方面的,在这种情况下,还通过提供底部的钢包丢失而闻名。在四月十几天春节,Satokagura是奉献。 1991年三个月,埼玉县冈部町


 当社の創立年代は明らかでないが、旧榛沢郡内の開拓が、当社の加護により進められた為、郡内の各村の信仰が厚くなり、総鎮守といわれるようになったと伝えられている。この為に当社の再建及び修築等は、郡内各村からの寄付によりなされた。祭神は瓊々杵尊木之花咲夜姫命 という。


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