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auto-translate The Koshin and koshin road

Meguro 5-6 Koshin Tower two is known as the "Wisteria koshin" since ancient times. It is a nickname from that long ago, here in the giant Wisteria tree.
Still behind the monument of small trees and beautiful spring time flowers. Left side piece type is 1 m, pattern of Kongo chorus 6 arms and Sun and moon, 2 chickens, three wise monkeys carved more than.
In addition, "for parents 2 世安 music," is engraved with characters indicating ganmon and building architects, "Toru from koshien Stadium, end of October" (1684). Small stupa-the right stuff in c, 0/1687 (1688), engraved and South 無青 faces gold steel (hard). Also inscribed with Moon in the top left and right, at the bottom "petition-form" that the characters are three rows side by side are carved.
It would be probably the character that represents the three wise monkeys. Street front of Nagaizumi, 17 reaches the Hill Road is known as koshin road since ancient times. Along the way exposure Sakagami koshin Tower and recalled the Edo koshin belief was active in in the villages around here, "Sakagami koshin Tower is 17", etc.
Is said that it was on the main highway from Meguro fudo and plane of Juku yamakata is now, Steet, but this road is long.
4/2004 Meguro City Board of education

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auto-translate Koshin 和 koshin 路
目黑 5-6

Koshin 塔两个被称为自古以来"紫藤 koshin"的范围。 它是从那很久以前,这里的巨型紫藤树的昵称。 落后的小乔木和美丽的春天时间花纪念碑。
左边一块类型是 1 m、 金刚合唱 6 武器和太阳和月亮的图案,2 只鸡,三个聪明的猴子雕刻更多比。 此外,"为父母 2 世安音乐,"上刻有字符指示 ganmon 和建筑建筑师"彻从甲子园体育场,10 月底"(1684)。
小舍利塔-正确的东西在 c 中,0/1687年 (1688),刻和南無青面临黄金钢 (硬)。 此外刻有月亮在左上方和正确的人物都是三排并排雕刻的底部"请愿形式"。 它将可能的字符表示三个聪明的猴子。
永井祖米的临街位置、 17 上游,山道远古时代就称为 koshin 路。 沿着方式曝光坂上 koshin 塔和回顾的江户 koshin 信仰是活跃的在这里周围村庄,"坂上 koshin 塔是 17",等等。 是说,它在主要高速公路上从目黑不动和补习 yamakata 飞机现在,是街,但这条路是很长。


 この2基の庚申塔 は古くから「藤の庚申」と呼ばれています。昔、ここに藤の大木があったことからつけられた愛称です。今も碑の後ろに小さな藤の木があり、春には美しい花をつけます。


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