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auto-translate Kasa mounds of Basho's trail
Was a famous haiku poet Matsuo Basho's disciple Sora as "Oku no hosomichi" journey to 3/27/1689 early in the morning.
According to Sora who was accompanying record (0/1942 was found in Kashiwazaki, Niigata Prefecture), third eye 3/29 evening early kanuma has arrived.
Reportedly spent the night in Kota said kanuma West Temple is the same, "kanuma to stay" in the accompanying record only in Hall of residence is not listed, but according to legend lore, Cao Dong Zen Temple (tohshougu).
If tomorrow 4/1 (lunar calendar is 3/29 new year's Eve in) Now hit in early may, but the night drizzle continued.
In Basho those fixing the old tray, took possession from the Edo period Temple in new shades and toward the sunlight.
"Bell village which is what at the end of the spring" "聞ezu also haisou at the end of spring" (Kota Temple was living at the time) of clause said that Kota Temple works was then 5 years after 10/12/1694 Basho is ill in Osaka while traveling, the 51-year-old died.
Shortly after his "banana" die in shades mounds built the temple heard the rumor out Memorial for unforgettable shades of.
When only 44 years no records about Ryu Otsuka, narrowly lost in a temple fire, however, from the dead Basho 0/1738 (1738) Edo period haiku poet Yamazaki North Hua visit Kota Temple Ryu Otsuka travelogues called "cascade Oku no hosomichi' play of the butterflies in" I'm behind this pretty Flower hat "of proved there's hat as a historic site, said that made the phrase.
Said the great monument is carved banana heaven and Earth the storm snow heaven and Earth character Ryu Otsuka stores now, but behind that in the later stone monument built a mound was built.
3/1981 Kanuma-Shi cultural assets investigation committee Kawakami Shigeo

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auto-translate 卡萨成堆的芭蕉的踪迹

是著名的俳句诗人松尾芭蕉的弟子 Sora 作为"奥会之细未"到 1689/3/27 清晨的旅程。
根据 Sora 陪同记录 (0/1942年,被发现在新泻县柏崎刈羽核电站),第三只眼 3/29 晚上早期鹿已经到来。
据报花在亚庇的夜晚说鹿西大寺是相同的"鹿待"陪伴者与记录只在大厅的住所未列出,但据传说传说,曹洞禅寺 (tohshougu)。
如果明天 4/1 (阴历是除夕 3/29 中的)
现在在很早就到五月,但夜细雨继续。 在芭蕉那些固定旧托盘,占据了从江户时代寺新色调和迎着阳光。
"钟村在春天的尽头是什么""聞ezu 也在春末的 haisou"(Kota 寺当时居住) 条说哥寺工程是然后 5 年后 1694/10/12 芭蕉是在生病大阪旅行,51 岁的死了的时候。
当仅 44 年没有记录关于 Ryu 大冢,失之交臂,在一座寺庙,然而,从火死了芭蕉 0/1738年 (1738) 江户时期的俳句诗人山崎北华参观亚庇寺 Ryu 大冢游记被称为"层叠奥会之细未 ' 玩的蝴蝶在"我在这漂亮的花帽子后面"的证明作为一个历史的网站,说还有帽子使这句话。
说,这座伟大的纪念碑雕刻香蕉天堂和地球风暴雪天堂和地球字符 Ryu 大冢商店现在,但背后,在后来的石头纪念碑建一大堆建成。
1981 年 3 月

史跡 芭蕉の笠塚

俳聖 松尾芭蕉 が門人曽良を伴い、「奥の細道」の旅に出たのは元禄二年三月二十七日の早朝であった。
笠塚についての記録は、おしくも寺の火事で失われたが、しかし、元文三年(一七三八年)芭蕉が死んでから四十四年しかたたないころ江戸の俳人山崎北華 は「続奥の細道」といわれる紀行文「蝶の遊」の中で光太寺の笠塚に詣で「我もこの影に居るなり花の笠」の句をつくったことを述べ、史跡としての笠塚の存在を証明した。
鹿沼市文化財専門調査委員 川上茂雄


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