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auto-translate Nagata-Cho 2-Chome, Capitol and legislative Office Sanno Hill fell back around. Stand 0/2002 (2002) completion of the Prime Minister's Office on the left-hand side, and the adjacent old House has become role Nagasaki a-bomb 73 years of turbulent history as a residence. HIE shrine in front of the stars in the heights of the Hill green rich forest. Up the steeper of two hills Sanno omote-Sando in the Ginkgo survived World War II and Torii and terminals are magnificent.
The Hibiya high school stand comes after Tokyo Prefecture first junior high school 0/1929 (1929) and moved from the Hibiya, has inherited the name of the birthplace.
Nagata-Cho was once dotted with residential and shopping area, high-class, 0/1945 the end of the Pacific war (1945) the forced removal of wooden buildings and air raid in may, leaving the Auditorium of the Palace, Nagata elementary school, 1 in the mountain restaurant slightly burnt down, changed per aspect celebrates the end of the war. 0/1958 (1958), completes the HIE shrine, the town has seen a revival of. 2.26 events (0/1936, 1936) of the Sanno hotel was the scene was 44-storey Sanno Park Tower from U.S. military facilities after the war.
Restaurant "pleasant", as we have a revival, even Hotel destroyed by fire later becomes a burden shall 38-storey tower, is now lined with skyscrapers. Also famous ceramist Rosanjin in Hoshigaoka-charyo saryo 0/1963 (1963) Tokyo Hilton Hotel (currently, Capitol Tokyu Hotel) in the Kabuki actor and the first municipal River monkey, remains the residence of Assistant and after World War II, Kazuo Hasegawa luxury apartment has changed.
Being transformed into a thriving commercial area fostered culture and history, this town is now served by metro line 6, with government agencies and offices.

Nagata-Cho 2-Chome town meeting
Nagata-Cho 2-Chome and HIE Jinja shrine This neighborhood was the fresh winds across the wilderness land could take a crab in the water, once the swallow overhead. In the early Edo period close to Baba.
This is the origin of the name of a town, known as paddy Baba for the residence of the famous last name paddy had lined up along the path of. 0/1659 (1659), the mountain became a grove of the present (now HIE shrine) was moved here from Hanzo's Gate. Before this forest reservoir and pull the Tamagawa-josui had become water of the Edo River.
Sheltered in the forests of present externals way, wading in the water of the reservoir is the summer, glow green on "hatamoto" houses, dotted with teahouses-here was the oasis in the Edo period. But quiet is not. Mountains and the Kanda Myojin in turn done every six months, was an extravagant present Book Festival at General 上覧 to be used from the Edo period Japan Festival, Royal Festival. Matrix floats and float out of mixture, musical accompaniment, dancing and costumes of the people was brilliant. Korea communication use Japan accompanied by particularly large elephant fake mixture was famous during the Edo period.
Screen spectators also make a gallery in the front of the store, click on the parapet, Scarlet velvet kneeling w/byobu and because people's hands to be set up that is like art. Calling people of Edo sannō-SAMA are Buddhism and Shinto Sanno gongen, was familiar. After the Meiji government separates Buddhism, into the State Shinto, HIE shrine.
There is land for peace, as the location of times whenever I pass by this nature and lack of conflict present externals way from this because of the war, not to fit the sannō-SAMA in the heart of. Yuko Tanaka [Professor, Hosei University

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auto-translate 永田町 2 丁目、 国会大厦和立法办公室山王山周围回跌。 站在 0/2002年 (2002 年) 完成总理的办公室设在左手边和相邻的老房子已成为角色长崎原子弹 73 年的动荡历史作为住所。 神社恒星在高地山绿色丰富的森林资源。 两座小山陡山王表参道桑在银杏幸存二战和牌坊和终端是壮观。 日比谷高中站此前东京自治州第一初中 0/1929年 (1929 年) 和移动从日比谷、 继承了出生地的名称。
永田町曾经于太平洋战争 (1945 年) 被强迫迁离的木制建筑物和空袭中可能年底点缀的住宅及购物区,高档,0/1945年,离开宫殿,永田小学,在轻微烧毁,改变每方面的山餐厅 1 礼堂庆祝战争的结束。
0/1958年 (1958 年),完成神社,该镇已出现经济复苏。 2.26 事件 (0/1936年,1936年) 的山王饭店是场景是 44 层山王公园塔从美国军事设施在战争之后。 "愉快",因为我们有复兴,甚至后来被大火烧毁的酒店的餐厅,成为一种负担应 38 层高的塔楼,现在林立的摩天大楼。
此外著名陶艺家鲁山在星丘 charyo saryo 0/1963年 (1963 年) 东京希尔顿酒店 (目前,国会大厦东急酒店) 在歌舞伎演员和第一次市政河猴子,仍然是住宅的助理和一雄长谷川豪华公寓已经改变二战后。 被转化成繁荣的商业区,促进文化和历史,这个小镇现在担任由地铁线 6,与政府机构和办事处。
永田町 2 丁目镇会议

永田町 2 丁目和 HIE 神社
这一带是新鲜的风穿过旷野土地可以在水中,一只螃蟹一次燕子开销。 在江户初期接近巴巴。 这是名称的一个小镇,称为水稻巴巴,著名的最后一名稻谷住宅已经摆好了沿着路径的由来。
0/1659年 (1659 年),山成为了现在的小树林 (现在 HIE 神社) 从半造的门搬到这里。 之前这种森林水库和拉玉川如水已成为江户河的水。 躲在森林中目前的外在方式,在水库水中涉水是夏天,绿光上"hatamoto"的房子,点缀着茶馆这里在江户时代的绿洲。
但安静不是。 山和神田明神反过来做每六个月,是在一般上覧用于从江户时代日本的节日,皇家节日奢侈本图书节。 矩阵花车和浮出混合音乐伴奏、 跳舞、 盛装的群众太棒了。 韩国通信使用伴随着特别大的大象假混合物的日本江户时期是著名的。 屏幕观众也使前面的存储库,单击在栏杆上,猩红色天鹅绒跪 w/屏风,因为人们的手里将开设,是喜欢艺术。
呼唤人的江户 sannō SAMA 佛教和神道教山王 gongen,被熟悉。 之后明治政府被佛教,分成国家神道,神社。 有是以土地换和平,次每次经过这种性质的位置以及缺乏冲突目前外部方式从这由于战争,不适应 sannō 大人的心。
侑田中 [教授、 法政大学

 また、陶芸家の北大路魯山人 で有名な星岡茶寮は、昭和三十八年(1963)東京ヒルトンホテル(現・キャピトル東急ホテル)に、歌舞伎俳優・初代市川猿之助 や戦後の名優・長谷川一夫 の住居跡も高級マンションに変わりました。歴史と文化をはぐくんだこの町も、いまでは地下鉄六線が乗り入れ、政府機関やオフィスが立ち並ぶ繁華な商業地へと変貌しつつあります。

法政大学教授 田中優子


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