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auto-translate Historical culture special conservation district (Kasuga) 8th century Nara, Asuka-Fujiwara-Kyu from heijo-Kyo capital after the form as the city arranged and flourish mainly large temples after numerous historical conveys an important cultural asset in modern times. These are the important things should be inherited by the future generations people. To protect this valuable property histories (special measures law on the preservation of the historical culture of the ancient city) was enacted to 0/1966.
The land needed to save the historical culture according to this law, "historical environment preservation area designated 6024 ha and, in particularly critical areas specified 4892 ha as a"historic special preservation district". Here is the "region of the culture preservation of the history of Nara (2776 ha)" "Kasuga special preservation area (1329 ha)".
Kasugayama special preservation district, and the historic buildings of Kasuga Taisha Shrine, Kofuku-ji Temple, todaiji Temple was designated to preserve the natural environment with NARA Park. In Nara Prefecture, Nara City (District 6) except in Tenri City (District 2), Sakurai (District 1), Kashihara City (District 4), Ikaruga town (District 1), Asuka village (District 5), provided a special preservation district.

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auto-translate 历史文化特别保护区 (春日)

8 世纪奈良、 飞鸟藤原圭从平城京首都后作为城市形式安排和蓬勃发展后的主要大型寺庙众多近代历史传达一项重要的文化资产。 这些都是重要的事情应由后代人继承。 为保护这个宝贵的财产 (关于这座古城的历史文化保护的特别措施法 》) 的历史已制定到 0/1966 年。 土地需要保存的历史文化,根据这项法律,"历史环境保护区指定 6024 公顷,特别是关键领域中指定 4892 公顷的"历史的特别保护区"。
这里是"奈良历史文化保护区 (2776年公顷)""春日特别保护区 (1329年公顷)"。 及春日山特别保护区和历史建筑的春日寺、 兴福寺、 东大寺被指定为维护自然环境与奈良公园。
在奈良县奈良市 (区 6) 除了在天理市 (区 2),樱井 (区 1),僵原市 (4 区)、 斑鸠镇 (区 1),明日香村 (区 5),提供特别的保护区。




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歴史的風土特別保存地区 (春日山地区)


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