In the Edo period, the land now occupied by the...



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In the Edo period, the land now occupied by the Tokyo International Forum belonged to the upper mansions of the Tosa and Awa clans.
Ever since Tokugawa Ieyasu established his government here in 1603,the city then known as Edo has thrived as the administrative center of Japan.But it was about 150 years before that,in 1456, when the first Edo Castle was built by Ota Dokan(1432-1486), a vassal of Ogigayatsu Uesugi.
To commemorate the capital's quincentenary in 1957, a statue of Ota Dokan was erected on Kajibashi-dori street, near the former Marunouchi No.1 Metropolitan Government Building.
After the relocation of the metropolitan offices to Shinjuku in 1991 and the construction of the Tokyo International Forum in 1997, the statue was moved back its current site.
Ota Dokan still stands facing toward the Imperial Palace (formerly Edo Castle).

auto-translate n 江户时代,由东京国际论坛现在占用的土地属于土佐犬和阿波氏族的上部豪宅。
自从德川家康 1603 年建立他的政府在这里,然后称为江户蓬勃发展作为 Japan.But 行政中心的城市,这是大约 150 年以前,它在 1456,当第一的江户城堡建成由 Ota Dokan(1432-1486),Ogigayatsu Uesugi 的附庸。
1957 年纪念首都的五百,Ota 杜坎的雕像竖立在 Kajibashi 桥街前, 丸 1 号大都会政府大楼附近。
大都会办公室迁至 1991 年新宿和建设的东京国际论坛在 1997 年,这座雕像被感动之后返回其当前的站点。
Ota 杜坎仍然站立朝皇宫 (以前江户城堡)。

江戸の町は、徳川家康 が1603(慶長8)年に江戸幕府を開いて以来、今日に至るまで日本の中心として栄えてきましたが、開幕から遡ること約150年前、1456(康正2)年に江戸城を初めて築いたのが、扇谷上杉氏の家臣であった太田道灌(1432~1486年)です。


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