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auto-translate The origin of the Pearl-Inari Shrine
Gem shrine is around 1615 in Mikawa country Groove Lords itakura in Zen master shigemasa Edo residence in home safety 火除 God and the shrine imposed and barrel be
In the Zen master shigemasa as Shogun in Kyoto and Edo magistrate fame high would-be and as the second son of itakura katsushige 1588 after natennou reign rich heroism in heavy, 0/1585 was born in thick devoutly religious in the Osaka winter team Shimabara rebellion, etc. as a military Memorial Dai also served as a unhappy Shimabara to have age at 50 years of age and killed barrel be
Is Shogun Iemitsu, and after the 110's that light Emperor reign in the yagiu heavy meal worthy brother possessed the shimofusa country Sekiyado Castle and
Years after 1760 houreki era Iwami of transfer in the tienchin Nagano Prefecture Castle Kamei House in imposed is a one
Achievement of Kamei, in the Meiji Restoration with percussion Inari became famous even Taisho seventh clarino Okazaki home was sold to medal since this shrine is on site and together local kobiki-Cho-Sanchome parishioners to imposed was in 1950 and acquired local parishioners volunteer phase measure adjacent shrine and office building, to the present one
197 d may
Religious Corporation gem Inari Shrine Tokyo Chuo-ku Ginza Chome Higashi-Cho meeting

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auto-translate 珍珠 Inari 神社的起源

创业板神社是围绕在三河国家槽上议院板仓 1615年禅宗大师重政在家居安全火除江户居住在上帝和神社征收,每桶
在禅宗大师重将作为幕府在京都与江户裁判官堂高准作为板仓胜重 1588 natennou 统治富有英雄主义在重后的第二个儿子,0/1585年出生在厚虔诚宗教在大阪冬队岛原起义等军事纪念戴还担任不开心岛有年龄在 50 岁的年龄,杀死每桶
是幕府将军德川家光,和 110 的杨生大餐值得那光皇帝统治后哥哥拥有下总国家关宿城堡和
年后 1760 houreki 时代石见转让 tienchin 长野自治州城堡龟井静香房子在征收是一
龟井静香,在明治维新与打击乐 Inari 成为著名甚至大正七克拉里诺冈崎回家被卖奖牌以来这座神殿是在网站上和在一起本地的小曳丁目祖教民施加的成就是在 1950 年和获得当地教友志愿阶段测量相邻神社和办公大楼,到现在
197 d 可能
宗教公司宝石 Inari 神社


宝珠稲荷神社は一六一五年の頃三河の国深溝の領主板倉内膳匠重昌 の江戸屋敷内に家内安全火除の神として祭神せられたるものなり
内膳匠重昌は京都所司代及江戸町奉行として令名高かりし板倉勝重 の次男として一五八八年後陽成天皇 の御代天正十三年の頃の生まれである 重昌は武勇に富み敬神の念厚く大阪冬の陣島原の乱等に追悼軍令として鎮台に務めたるも不幸にして島原に於て年令五〇才にして戦死したるものなり
時の将軍は家光であり第一一〇代後光明天皇 御代である内膳匠の兄周防の守重宗は下総の国関宿の城主なり
宗教法人 宝珠稲荷神社


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