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Memorial to Victims of the Tsushima-maru "Kozakura no To"
August 21, 1944. A year before the battle of Okinawa, Tsushima-maru evacuation ship boarded 1661 people, of which 834 were school children, took off Naha port with two consort ships and two escort vessels to Nagasaki. Although the command of the air was secured, the sea area at the time was dangerous due to frequent appearance of opponent submarine ships.
On the next day, August 22, a little past 2200, two consort ships, two escort vessels and Tsushima-maru were attacked by USS Bowfin and Tsushima-maru was torpedoed down under the sea. Including 780 school children, 1500 teachers, evacuees and soldiers have fallen victims by the attack. However due to strict gag order the details of what had happened were kept unknown until years after the end of the war.
Kozakura monument is a memorial cenotaph for the Tsushima-maru victims. In 1954, Kei Kawai, a chairperson at the time of Suzushiro Children's Organization in Aichi prefecture, started 1 yen donation for memorial cenotaph dedicated for the children who perished their lives during the war in Okinawa. With the support from the governor and the people of Aichi prefecture, the donation was made and the first memorial cenotaph was founded for children in Okinawa.
The monument relief the head of the ship facing Naha port with names of fallen victims engraved on the side.
(Kozakura monument / bronze dove designed by Seikichi Tamanaha)

対馬丸犠牲者の慰霊碑 小桜の塔
小桜の塔は、この対馬丸の犠牲者を祀った慰霊碑です。1954年、愛知県のすずしろ子供会(会長 河合桂・当時)が、沖縄に子どものための慰霊碑を建てようと一円募金を募り、愛知県知事をはじめ同県の大きな協力によって沖縄に贈られました。
(慰霊碑・ブロンズの鳩像 / デザイン:玉那覇正吉)


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対馬丸犠牲者の慰霊碑 小桜の塔

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