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Yagami, an Important Station on the Nagasaki and Shimabara Highways

The post town of Yagami marks the point where the Nagasaki and Shimabara Highway met. Yagami is the second of the 25 stations of the Nagasaki Highway, after Nagasaki itself.
Yagami was controlled by the territory of Isahaya, which in turn was under the rule of Saga Domain. It bordered with Himi village, which was controlled by the magistrate of Nagasaki. Located in Yagami was a Saga Domain guardhouse, which policed the town and regulated the passage of people on the highway.
The Yagami station was the location of rest houses, where there would constantly be houses and palanquin carriers preparing for travel. There were also breweries, various shops and a smithy. Since anciont times, Yagami flourished at the center of the area's villages.
The Shimabara Highway was established by the lord of Shimabara Domain for the use of the Nagasaki guards. However, as it was easier to travel to Amakusa, Kumamoto and Kagoshima by boat than to travel all the way by land, the highway (which led to the point in Shimabara) was used by a great many other travelers as well.
In 1866, following orders from the Tokugawa Shounate, KatsuKaishu and SakamotoRyoma's group travelled along this highway. In Kaishu's journal, he records that on their return journey the group stopped for lunch in Yagami.

長崎街道・島原街道 の要衝 矢上

 元治元年(1864年)には、幕命を受けた勝海舟坂本龍馬 らの一行が、この街道を通りました。「海舟日記 」では、復路の一行は矢上で昼食をとったと記されています。


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