Yuchi-nu-Sachi Site (Remains of Cape Yuchi)



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Yuchi-nu-Sachi Site (Remains of Cape Yuchi)
Yuchi-nu-Sachi is the name of the cape which was at the northwestern area of Naha City.
It was a point on the Ui-nu-Mo, a rocky reef plateau with a height of approximately 20 meters that spread on the central-north side of Wakasa-Machi. The lower portion of the plateau was eroded by the waves and took on a shape of a yoki, a small axe or hatchet, called yuchi in the Okinawan language, and that is how it came to be known as Yuchi-nu-Sachi. From the similar sound or pronunciation of yuchi, the name of the cape was written with the kanji character for yuki, or snow.
The Ui-nu-Mo reef retained its features even after the Battle of Okinawa, but the plateau was carved for the purpose of land readjustments and landfills in the area, and the chipped rocks were used for land reclamation projects. In September 1959, the rocky reef on the side of the Yuchi-nu-Sachi was cleared with dynamite. A new elementary school was constructed in the area and preparations were made on the land for residential areas and parks. Presently, a portion of the rock that remained after the dynamite blast is placed within this park, and the residents in the surrounding areas use the site as a place of worship.

Yuchi-nu-Sachi Site (Remains of Cape Yuchi)
那覇市の北西部にあった岬の名称。中国からの冊封使 節の記録には「雪崎山(せっきざん)」と見える(李鼎元「使琉球記」)。
沖縄戦 後も「上の毛」はその姿をとどめていたが、1951年3月に米軍の立入禁止区域から辻・若狭町が開放されたことによる区画整理事業の実施、さらに泊港南岸地域の埋立(現前島3丁目・若狭3丁目一帯)により削り取られ、その岩石は埋立工事に使用された。1959年9月、残っていた「雪の崎」側の岩礁は、ダイナマイト爆破により取り除かれ、「上の毛」跡地には若狭小学校(1957年開校)が新設され、周辺に住宅地・公園用地が整備された。現在、爆破により残った岩の一部が、公園用地に取り込まれ、周辺住民の拝所として利用されている。


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