The Kanshorei-ki monument



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The Kanshorei-ki monument
The Kanshorei-ki stone monument was originally erected in 1497, during the Ryukyu Kingdom era.
The hill on which the monument stood was popularly known as "Shimunachijina-mui". It was a small hillock that afforded splendid views of the surrounding countryside. The reigning monarch of the time, King Sho Shin, caused a great number of pine seedlings to be played on this hill, hence the hill's name "kanshorei". The monument itself was inscribed with its name, plus words likening the thriving pine grove to the king's long life and virtue, and praising the kingdom's prosperity.
A railroad that opened in 1914 between Naha and Shuri skirted the hill's northern slope. That line was abandoned in 1933. By the early years of the Showa Era (later 1920's), the eponymous pine trees had also disappeared.
The Battle of Okinawa destroyed the Kanshorei-ki monument. Part of it, the upper half, is now preserved in the Okinawa Prefectural Museum. The current restoration is based on this remnant and a rubbing that was made before the war. It stands 164 centimeters high and is of a stone called diabase, from China's Fujian Province. Its location is close to the site of the original monument.

The Kanshorei-ki monument
 「官松嶺記」は、琉球王国 時代の1497年(弘治10)に建立された石碑である。
 沖縄戦 で破壊された「官松嶺記」碑は、残欠(上半分)が沖縄県立博物館に残されている。本碑は残欠や戦前の拓本をもとに、材質を中国福建省産の輝緑岩、碑身の高さを164cmとして、元の建立地に近接する現在地に新たに復元したものである。


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