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auto-translate Middle pouch. Fukuroi-Juku-Higashi track Fukuroi-Juku was located three Honjin.
From its location in the East, called Nishimoto team, on the Tokaido road-Juku village usually book is written in the following ways.
1 Hotel in so home number 190-5 Hotels
Honjin unforced floor area 290 square meters and a half sluice structure, entrance vestibule, shinmachi 1 Hotels same unforced floor Crescent picked 9 pings sluice structure, entrance vestibule, Hon-Machi 1 Hotels
The Pan floor 160 6 square meters and a half sluice structure and entrance vestibule as 1 Hotels Three Honjin was built on the north side facing the Tokaido road traffic through. Three executives of Higashi honganji team "1-the Honjin" and also called, were involved in Tashiro home hachiro hidarimamol gate was described from generation to generation.
Tashiro House works to be the Chief of operations of the Honjin were 継gi立te bags of letters as an accommodation officer Tonya Tonya. Characteristics of the Honjin is also had been installed inside the "between the upper gate and door.
Floor area of Higashi honganji, acreage of the entire site 1068 square meters, except the fence (d) 88 square meters, width 13 hotels half the depth between the 31, looked for its sheer size.
7/28/2000 Fukuroi City Board of education

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auto-translate 中间的邮袋。 Fukuroi 补习东银轨道

Fukuroi 补习是位于的三本阵。 从它的位置在东方,被称为西元团队,东海路补习村庄通常本书是以下列方式。
1 宾馆酒店预订网 190 5 号所以回家

本阵难忘面积 290 平方米及半水闸结构、 入口门厅、 新町 1 酒店同样难忘楼提问町 1 酒店入口前厅,新月拿 9 坪水闸结构
潘楼 160 6 平方米和半水闸结构和入口门厅作为 1 酒店
三本阵建在北边面临东海道道路交通通过。 东银本愿寺的三名高管团队"1 本阵",也叫,也参与田回家八郎 hidarimamol 门所述的一代一代人。 田房子工作要本阵参谋长是字母継gi立te 袋作为住宿官员托尼亚托尼亚。
本阵的特点也已安装里面"之间的上部门和门。 东银本愿寺,整个站点 1068年平方米,除了篱笆 (d) 88 平方米,宽度 13 酒店之间 31,一半深度的面积建筑面积寻找其庞大的规模。
Fukuroi 市教委

どまん中ふくろい 袋井宿東本陣跡

本陣 凡建坪弐百九拾坪半 門構・玄関附  字新町 壱軒   
同  凡建坪弐百拾九坪 門構・玄関附  字本町 壱軒
同  凡建坪百六拾六坪半 門構・玄関附  同 壱軒


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