Ishihiya Bashi (Ishi-Bashi) Bridge



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Ishihiya Bashi (Ishi-Bashi) Bridge
Tomigusuku City Board of Education, February 2015
The Ishihiya Bashi Bridge is located downstream on the Noha River which flows southeast of the Tomigusuku Gusuku castle. Up until the war, it was a beautiful, arched stone bridge. It is not clear when the bridge was built, but as legend has it, the bridge was constructed as a part of plot to attack the castle of Tomigusuku Gusuku by sending in female spies into the castle.
Initially, the bridge was constructed of wood, but after its destruction in 1694 due to a flood, it was rebuilt by stone in 1697.
During the Ryukyu Kingdom era, it was used as a path to gather the King's troops at the southern shore of Naha Port by way of Madanbashi Bridge from the Shurijo Castle, and thus the bridge was a strategically important route in terms of military affairs and transportation. Further, in the area around the bridge were docks and sugar factories and was once a hub for shipping supplies.
The footing on the bridge was unique, with sharp-angled, triangular shape, known as Shiokiri (Suchiri), which was designed with consideration to the ebb and flow at the mouth of the Noha River, and the rapid flow of the water.
However, the Ishihiya Bashi Bridge was destroyed in the Battle of Okinawa, and only the bridge footings remained up until the 1970s, and the footings, too, were removed as the bridge was reconstructed in 1978.

Ishihiya Bashi (Ishi-Bashi) Bridge
豊見城市教育委員会 平成27年2月
石火矢橋は、豊見城グスクの南東をながれる饒波(のは)川下流に架かる橋で、戦前まで美しい曲線のアーチとそれを支える独特な形の橋脚が連なる5連の石造アーチ橋であった。橋の創建年代は定かではないが、橋には、三山時代、尚巴志 が南山の支配下にあった豊見城グスクを攻めようと城内に女間者(かんじゃ)を送り、謀計によって架けさせたとの伝説が残されている。
橋脚からアーチまで琉球石灰岩 を加工して石組みにし、橋脚には饒波川河口の干満差や急激な水の流れを配慮した三角形の鋭角な「潮切(しおきり)」(スーチリー)が施されるなど独特な構造が特徴的であった。
しかし、沖縄戦 で石火矢橋は破壊され、橋脚部のみが1970年代まで残っていたが、それも1978年(昭和53)の橋の改修工事で消滅してしまった。


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