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auto-translate Field entry 0/1600 (1600) Kuroda Nagamasa (1568-1623) was entered as the nabob of chikuzen 523000 stone Najima Castle.
Of Sekigahara Tokugawa forces favor with his father josui (1546-1604), the remarkable exploits as a Tozama daimyo was exceptional reward.
When Ishida Mitsunari lost the decisive battle ends pulled into Ieyasu's jinchu, Nagamasa one is "veges which match the Warriors prefer always, sorry" and arrest over the cloth and take care. This time heard of Mitsunari, Nagamasa received mouth "Nagamasa how we work done, the reward of being desired chikuzen. I'll let ruled the country after 治mereba the chikuzen country 1 "can be walked through.

Mitsunari is once of Hideyoshi Toyotomi's "town end" (urban planning) magistrate, construction of the importance of that person, this place was well informed than anyone else... and tell interesting circumstances between ongyou.

Fukuoka Castle
Nagamasa Najima until it was the residence of the Kobayakawa clan, in the troubled times apart from one-sided East for politics of the Pacific and the next 6 years new castle 思itatsu. After voluntarily visited the Sumiyoshi, hakozaki, arato singled out the construction the construction this year of the kego-Mura, Naka fukusaki. Castle is East has the Naka River, West kanakuzu River border into North inlet of the sea, that large moat. Generally the present ohori Park.
Honmaru was as 馬回ri officer, Chief retainer of the elder statesman House flat heiwadai baseball stadium area, near the National Hospital of old. It completed next 7 years without a tower, was right to call and the estate surrounding the Castle and the Castle rather than elder statesman class, and was hidden in 妙計 and his son Nagamasa and josui peace both in the BU. That tongue, admired it, of course, also the village headman of Kato kiyomasa. "Selfish Aya Kuroda clan flourished bizen (Okayama Prefecture) name is the name of the Fukuoka and decided in josui's opinion said.

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0/1600年 (1600) 黑田长政 (1568年-1623) 输入作为唐筑 523000 前石名城堡。 与他的父亲 (1546年-1604 年),如水的关原德川部队青睐作为外样大名的卓越功勋是特殊的奖励。
这次听到光济,长昌收到嘴"长昌我们的工作做,所需筑前的奖励。 我会让统治后治mereba 筑前国家 1"可以走通过。 光业是重要的一旦的丰臣秀的"镇结束"(城市规划) 裁判,建筑的那个人,这个地方重要的见多识广比任何人都......,并且告诉 ongyou 之间的有趣情况。


长昌名直到它被关氏族,乱世中的居住时间除了片面东太平洋和接下来的 6 年新的城堡思itatsu 政治。
自愿访问住吉的长箱崎后, 阿拉挑出来建设建设今年敬语村中区 fukusaki。 城堡是东有中区河,西 kanakuzu 河边境到北汊的大海,那大的护城河。 一般目前的大濠公园。 城主是作为馬回ri 官,首席元老房子平平和台棒球体育场附近,老国立医院的预聘费。
它完成下一个 7 年没有一座塔,是权利要求和周围的城堡和城堡,而不是元老类,房地产和被隐藏在妙計和他的儿子长昌和如水的和平这两个埠。 那舌头,很佩服它,当然,也村长的加藤清正。 "自私的绫黑田家族兴盛的备 (冈山县) 名称是福冈的名称和决定在如水的意见说。


慶長五年(一、六〇〇年)黒田長政(一、五六八-一、六二三年)は筑前五十二万三千石の太守として名島城 へ入国した。関ヶ原の役に父如水(一五四六-一六〇四年)とともに徳川軍に味方して軍功めざましく外様大名としては破格の恩賞だった。
 天下わけ目の戦いが終わり敗れた石田三成 が家康の陣中に引き出されたとき、長政ひとりが「治部どの勝負は武士のつね、お気の毒に存ずる」と縄目の上に衣をかけていたわる。




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