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auto-translate Fortune town (matsutomichou) Outside of Edo Kanda 4-Chome (blew a Sotho 47news choume) around old Samurai residences of the glasswork dwellings of merchants and craftsmen "Matsushita-Cho 2-Chome (the just lashes choume)" Matsushita-Cho-Sanchome (after Matsu San choume) "nagatomi town-Sanchome (and is regarded as San choume)" and had a town house called. 0/1869 (1869), the merger of Takayama, Japan these further admitted to the Samurai, founded a new town, rokurinsha town.
New Street is made by Matsushita-Cho and nagatomi town after one character at a time. It is the main street of critical thinking rokurinsha town runs through the middle of town. Also on the road back and forth when the falls on the central street of the current road, Edo period, Shogun to Ueno kan'ei-ji Temple (kanneiji) pilgrimage. Especially each year took place on new year's day 10 "new year's day Onarimon (adorned and)" in is the General must be passed here, so until the name of the road sacred path (onarimichi) and known as now.
By the way, General Onarimon (an army now) the same day, Endo House shikaremashita not permitted use of fire as a strict security regime. 0/1965 (1965) by the time warehouse rice spirit lives in the neighborhood (poking around the mausoleum only) is dedicated to the three seat "Sanja Inari Shrine (are not put to shame anamori) was.

Was very familiar to residents, Inari-SAMA (inarisama), monthly-2, 5, 18, is always Festival was held. Chiyoda-ku address derived from plate

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auto-translate 财富 》 镇 (matsutomichou)
在江户神田 4 丁目 (吹梭托语 47news choume) 周围玻璃住处的商人和工匠"松下町 2 丁目 (只是睫毛 choume)"松下-祖-三丁目 (后妈祖 San choume) 旧武士民居"藏语镇三丁目 (和被认为是 San choume)"和城镇住房要求。 0/1869年 (1869 年),合并的高山,日本这些进一步承认到,武士,成立一个新市镇,rokurinsha 镇。 新的街道是松下町和藏语镇后作出一个字符一次。
它是批判性思维 rokurinsha 镇的主要街道穿过小镇的中间。 此外在路上回来和规定当落在中央大街的当前的道路上,江户时代,幕府将军到上野 kan'ei 寺 (kanneiji) 朝圣。 尤其是每年发生在新的一年的第 10 天"元旦御成门 (装饰和)"是一般必须经过这里,所以到路神圣路径 (onarimichi) 的名称和已知和现在一样。 顺便问一下,一般御成门 (现在军队) 同一天,远藤房子 shikaremashita 不允许利用火作为一种严格的安全制度。
0/1965年 (1965 年) 由仓库水稻精神生活在附近 (打探陵墓只) 致力于三个座位的时间中,"三社祭 Inari 参拜靖国神社 (都不放到羞耻 anamori) 是。 是非常熟悉的居民,伊纳里萨玛 (inarisama),每月 2,5,18,老是节举行。





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