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Historic Places
Shu Shunsui Kinenhi
(The monument of Shu Shunsui)
Landmarked in 1937, Designated in 1955
Shu Shunsui (1600-82)has been a liegeman of Ming dynasty and later he was naturalized into Japan.His first name was Shiyu and pseudonym was Shunsui.
When he escaped to Nagasaki in 1659 because he failed to revive his homeland Ming,he defected to Japan strongly requested by Ando Shoan who was a Confucian of the Yanagawa Domain.
In 1665, Shunsui was accepted the honor to be a guest scholar for Mito Domain on the recommendation of Oyake Seijun and was allowed to live in the second residence of Mito Tokugawa family(currently the south-east part of Faculty of Agriculture in the Tokyo University) until his death.
His academic approach can be characterized a practical science (a study of praxis) falling between Cheng-Zhu school and Yangmingism, which seeks to avoid empty theory and prioritize reason. He had great influence on Mito Mitsukuni, Asaka Tanpaku, Hayashi Hoko and Kinoshita Jun-an and so on.
He died at 83 in 1682 and was buried at Zuinyuzan of Hitachiota in Mito.
This monument was built by Shu Shunsui Memorial Society, commemorating the 250th anniversary of his coming to Japan. Afterwards, the monument has been moved within the site the Faculty of Agriculture, its current place near the main gate of the Faculty is outside of Mito Domain's residence used to be.
Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education

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auto-translate 京都议定书指定地标朱舜水纪念馆
位于文京区弥生 1 1 系农业,东京大学
签署 1937/9/22
规范 1955/3/28

朱舜水 (1600年-82) 是在日本 Akira mataakira 归化。 名称、 郁、 舜水是。 当合并器将促进重建他们的家园时,来到长崎 0/1659年 (1659) Yanagawa 汉代儒家学者安东省一个援助对流放。 0/1665年 (1665 年),成为了一位贵宾的水户族 oyake 顺序的建议,到水户域德川 nakayashiki (南东侧的农业,当前东京大学学院) 生命花在这一领域。 传统是一种实用 (并运行) 说,程朱理学和陽明学之间,给大影响从水户光国、 安住淳澹夜、 凤岗树林和树木下订单以避免猜测作出多大的意义。 0/1682 (168 d) 到 83 岁去世,被安葬在日立太田睿龙山。
日本在日本,这座纪念碑是 250 年朱舜水纪念馆是在农业部门水户氏族建房已移动。 因此,当前安装正门纪念碑附近的农业不是 Mito 氏族的房子一个地区。
如在 4 年三个月施工

東京都指定旧跡 朱舜水記念碑
所在地 文京区弥生一の一 東京大学 農学部
標識 昭和一二年九月二二日
指定 昭和三〇年三月二八日

 朱舜水(一六〇〇-八二)は日本に帰化した明の遺臣です。名は之瑜、舜水は号です。祖国明の復興を図るが果たせず、万治二年(一六五九)長崎に来た際、柳川藩の儒学者安東省庵 の援助を受けて亡命しました。寛文五年(一六六五)、小宅生順 の推挙で水戸藩の賓客となり、水戸藩徳川家の中屋敷(現在の東京大学農学部の南東側)に入り、生涯この地で過ごします。学風は朱子学陽明学 の中間といえる実学(実行の学)で、空論を避け、道理を重んじ、水戸光圀安積澹泊林鳳岡木下順庵 らに大きな影響をあたえます。天和二年(一六八ニ)に八三歳で没し、常陸太田の瑞竜山に葬られました。
平成ニ四年三月 建設


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