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auto-translate Tokai Wonju hotel
Hakuin's Zen master dogen's birth place
"Too much in the Suruga barrel and two in the Fuji mountain Hara Hakuin" and Hakuin zenji Sung and be revered as the founder of Rinzai Zen, 12/25/1684 Nagasawa, tsune (soui) father, Tae Jun (myoujunn) as the youngest child of the mother and then three guys two was born. Tokimatsu Shadowfax Temple of 15-year-old single Ridge zu of Osho as they want and become a Buddhist monk and became a priest. Until his death at the age of 84 trips nationwide training pilgrimage until the 32-year-old from the 19-year-old became a Shoin-ji Temple priest at the age of 33, Shoin-ji Temple in the Center spread the true Zen teachings throughout the country.
To Excel in the writing brush painting and calligraphy, Dharma figure and Kannon bosatsu painting is especially famous for its.
Local mother Tae Jun (myoujunn) of the House under the name miso. ) ( miso or the site ya omodaka (omodakaya) identified himself in after my father's 彛 (soui) establish a branch family,. Well baby you used when Zen master was born in this now still Shimizu filled are.

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auto-translate 东海原州酒店
白隐禅师的禅宗大师 dogen 诞生的地方
"太多骏桶和两个富士山 Hara 白隐禅师"和白隐禅师禅师宋和作为临济宗禅师,1684/12/25 长泽,tsune (灵魂) 的父亲,金泰俊 (myoujunn) 的创始人,最小的孩子的母亲,然后三人两个出生的尊敬。
15 岁时松脱胎换骨寺单脊祖的奥修,以及他们想要成为一名佛教僧人,并成为一个牧师。直到他去世享年 84 旅行全国培训朝圣直到 19 岁从 32 岁成为松阴寺的神父年龄 33 岁,阴寺中传播的中心遍及全国各地,真正的禅宗教义。到 Excel 毛笔在绘画和书法,佛法图、 观音 bosatsu 绘画是尤其是闻名的。
本地母亲泰俊 (myoujunn) 下名称味噌的房子。
) 味噌或站点雅 omodaka (omodakaya) 自称在后我父亲彛 (灵魂) 建立一个分支家庭。好宝贝你用禅宗大师出生在这,现在仍然清水满的时候就是。

 ”駿河には過ぎたるものが二つあり 富士のお山に原の白隠”と歌われ、臨済禅中興の祖と仰がれる白隠禅師は、西暦1685年12月25日長澤宗彝(そうい)を父、妙遵(みょうじゅん)を母とし三男二女の末子として生まれる。


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