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auto-translate According to Shigeru Inari Shrine company history, Shogun Inagakura Inamusho Asagusa journal, God of the Shinto shrine of the Cultural Ten Tiger Age (1813) is "Dainichioku", but due to the separation of the divine and deity of the Meiji Restoration Government, It is witnessed that it was religiously affiliated with the current condo. In Okunoin, we defer "white fox inari" that we requested from the Kyoto Fushimi Inari Shrine as an angel of the festival. On the Inari mountain in Kyoto Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine, we are dearest Ishigami of "Jewel Inari Daizen God". First, Festival Early Festival February 11, Executive 1, Kōdebun Burefu, Shochang 1, Traditional Sho Town is a father of Asakusa Shrine (three companies), so we are going along with the three company festival at the same time. I, Shoji Asakusa Shrine (three companies) Shiji also concurrently serve. I, Kono Old company Incompatible company, No company, Meiji 6 year column After the end of June of 1911 Showa "God H · Q" applied for "the company&39;s history" application. Declaration of the religious body in December 1948, Registration With the approval of the Shinto shrine headquarters in 1973, it changed the company name "Pearl Inari shrine", with regard to the standing of the origin and the shrine company Although there is no clear material, it is impossible to establish the creation date, but according to the old document, according to the ancient Warring States period, the fifth generation of the Sengoku Daimyo Daimyo Hojo shogunate Shin Hojo Masashige , The end of Muromachi Period, Tenmyo Shichinmi (1589) September, "Asakusa Town" in Asakusa Monza Town, the first time "Kannon City" was held, in order to regulate the city, after the town "Forbiddance" of Mr. Hojo&39;s tiger red seal was issued. At that time, treasure pearl Inari shrine was settled in Asakusa Town, the townspeople kept protecting. Then, the shrine moved with the town several times, and when it was in Asakusa Satoshiin (the predecessor of the legal institution), at the Komagata Hirokoji small private residence site, the land became the site of the shogunate, (1658) was given a substitute in Kameido village in Honkan. Also, since the headquarters main banner who stayed in that place became a ruler, there was nothing that almost resides in the vicinity, it was also the end of the race, and the townspeople could not get through to the world So, in October the principal and the townmen submitted a "petition for litigation" of a substitute petition to the magistrate office, and the town is located in the middle of the vicinity of Yamaya Town and Ozukahara Town (formerly known as Asakusa Town ) Was given a substitute. Apart from the town, the shrine gave a land between the northern part of Asakusa Temple removed (present location) and the nineteenth place of the depth by special instructions from the magistrate place. On August 10, 1888, we acquired ownership by buying and selling land 81 million square meters from the fathers of the adjacent land. In the Kanto Earthquake in September 2002, the whole shrine of the prefecture inland and many trees were burned down, but the "god spirit" was safely guarded by the bodhisattva, and every year in December Minami senju Onishigai Mr. Kura &39;s tremendous sincerity led to the creation of a "hall of worshipers", which donated "god spirit". In the Showa district, around the 3 rd year in the district, compartment reorganization was enforced based on the special urban plan, the land area was drastically reduced, but the prefecture boundary was changed only to the south direction westward, Most of the land given by the special instructions from the Magistrate of the Imperial Household (1682) October continues to be maintained through the extraordinary cooperation of Ms. Chikara. During the Great Air Raid of the Great East Asia War in the Showa 20th year, due to the protection of the Shinto shrine Mikoto and the desperate firefighting of Mrs. Nagareboshi, the good buildings in the prefecture were excluded from the difficulty of disappearance . I, under the tremendous sponsorship of Takashi Kaikyo, Ms. Chikara, and the revered people, I will conduct the project on the left. Land 62 psi 3, congruence 6 pyeong (It was drastically reduced to 56 tsubo and 2 nin tau 後 after the reorganization, but we reduced the land 六 tsubo 七 勺 from Taito-ku in May 1972 Purchase, it is a combination) In October of the Showa 45th year, we added a hall to the former company office and called the Seju Hall. November Showa 51 November palace roof Great renovation Construction within the boundariesNewly built a granite stone on the Tamagaki of the granite around the ground and on both sides of the approach. February Showa 54 year old Pearl Inari shrine

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auto-translate 根据稻荷神社公司的历史,文化十虎年(1813年)时期的神社稻草人稻草传日本神社是“大日本”,但由于明治维新政府的神圣分离政策,目睹它与目前的公寓有宗教上的联系。在Okunoin,把作为节日的天使从京都伏见稻荷神社请求的“狐狸狐狸”推迟了。在京都伏见稻荷大社的稻荷山上,我们是“宝石稻荷大仙神”的最亲爱的石冢。首先,节日早期2月11日,执行1,KōdebunBurefu,Shochang 1,Traditional Sho Town是浅草神社(三家公司)的父亲,所以我们也这样做了三个公司的节日。我,浅草神社(三公司)世纪也兼任。我,科诺老公司,不兼容公司,没有公司,明治6年专栏1911年6月下旬昭和“神H·Q”申请了“公司的历史”申请书。 1948年12月的宗教团体宣言登录在1973年神社总部批准后,更改了公司名“珍珠稻荷神社”,关于原产地和神社公司的地位虽然没有明确的资料,但是不可能确定创造日期,但根据古代的战争文献,根据古战国时期,第五代战国大名大熊将军北条天守新​​北条正史,室町时代结束,Tenmyo Shichinmi(1589)9月,在浅草蒙扎镇的“浅草町”,首次举行了“Kanon市”,为了规范城市,镇北条老虎印章的“禁止”被发行。当时,珍珠稻荷神社在浅草镇定居,市民们一直在保护。然后,这个神社几次跟着这个城镇移动,当它在法定机构的前身浅草Satoshiin的时候,在驹形广子小小的私人住宅地里,这片土地成了幕府的遗址, (1658)在本馆的龟户村被取代。另外,因为住在那个地方的总部的主要旗帜成了屋顶的替代品,附近没有人居住,也是比赛结束,市民无法超越因此,10月份,校长和镇长向替任官员提交了一份替代请愿书的“诉讼请愿书”,该镇位于山屋镇和Ozukahara镇(原名Asakusa Town)附近)被给了一个替补。除了小镇之外,靖国神社还通过地方法官的特别指示,把浅草寺北部(现在所在地)和深处第十九地之间的土地分开了。 1888年8月10日,我们通过买卖邻近地区的父亲八千一百万平方米土地获得所有权。在2002年9月的关东大地震中,地区内所有的神社和各种树木都被烧毁了,但是“神灵”却被菩萨安全地守护着,全年十二月南千住Onishige库拉先生的巨大诚意导致了“礼拜堂”的诞生,捐赠了“神灵”。在昭和地区,在三年左右的时间里,根据特殊的城市规划实行了车厢重组,陆地面积急剧减少,但是地界只是向南方向改变,女王(1682年)十月的特别指示给予的大部分土地继续通过女士的非凡合作维持在昭和20年的大东亚战争的大空袭中,由于神社名古屋的保护以及那伽女士的绝望的灭火,县内的好建筑被排除在失踪的困难之外。我,在海海崇司,奇卡拉女士和尊敬的人们的大力赞助下,我将在左边进行这个项目。土地62平方英尺3,一致6平(重整后大幅减少到56坪和2零头,但是我们在1972年5月从台东区减少了六十七七土地购买,这是一个组合)在昭和十五年的十月,我们增加了一个大厅前公司办公室,并称为Seju霍尔。十一月昭和十一月十一日宫殿屋顶大范围的修复在边界内建设在花岗岩的塔玛加基地上和两边的方法新建了一个花岗岩石。二月昭和54岁的珍珠稻荷神社


一、祭神 倉稲魂命
一、例祭 初午祭 二月十一日執行
一、功徳 火伏、商売繁昌
一、祭禮 町が浅草神社(三社)の氏子であるので、三社祭禮と同時に行っております。
一、宮司 浅草神社(三社)宮司が兼務しております。
一、由緒 旧社格 無社格、 明治六年 列格
 昭和二十一年 六月 終戦後G・H・Qの要請により「神社の社歴」を申請。
 昭和二十八年十二月 宗教法人成立、登記
 昭和四十一年七月 神社本庁の承認を得て、「寶珠稲荷神社」と社名を変更
一、起源 其他 當神社の起立に付ては、明確な資料がなく、その創建年代を確立することは不可能でありますが、古文書によると、戦國時代の開幕を嚆矢された戦國大名北條早雲の五代目小田原城主後北條氏直 が、室町時代末期、天正十七巳丑年(1589)九月、浅草寺門前町の「浅草町」に於いて、初めて「観音市」を開かれ、その市を取締る為めに、町に後北條氏の虎朱印の「禁制」がだされました。
 昭和二十年三月大東亜戦争末期の東京大空襲 の際、神社の灼なる御神徳の御加護と氏子の必死の消火活動により、境内地の善建物は消失の難を免かれたのであります。
一、境内地 總代、氏子、崇敬者の絶大なる御協賛により、左記の事業を行う。
 土地 六十二坪三合六勺 (区画整理後五十六坪二合九勺と大幅に減じられましたが、昭和四十四年五月 台東区より土地六坪七勺を減額譲渡にて購入、併したものであります)
昭和四十五年十月 旧社務所に会館を増設し寶珠会館と總称す。
昭和五十一年 十一月 拝殿屋根大改修工事及境内地周囲の御影石の玉垣及び参道両側に御影石の旗立新設。


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