auto-translate The origin of the pines of the face



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auto-translate The origin of the pines of the face
The big pine tree was here. Could not put the bridge on Oi Edo kawagoe laborers to assist, was across the river.
And travelers who were stranded in the Inn, and rain the river often becomes 川止me. Here are the stories, such as the following.
In love with an adolescent daughter Miyuki in Aki Province (Hiroshima Prefecture) in the Court in Kyoto, go to Firefly, and Miyagi ASO said.
Went home after that, Miyuki decided fiance komazawa Jiro hidarimamol gate of samurai from parents and will be told.
However, it would be blind and ASO Jiro succeeded komazawa House that people unwittingly ran away from home and become morning glories named door (shamisen), asked ASO who wanders Nations.
Because, come to Shimada-Juku, inns hotels each sorrowful when around are 流shi歩ite not songs, from the parlor takes the voice.
This voice is looking for ask ASO Jiro could he hurry for carried out the idea the also now bid for glory was blind into will. Bosh know ASO and later, in a hurry, Chase, comes down the River, and just 川止me.
Helped by innkeeper master 戎屋 (ebisuya) morality right Mamoru gate (actually served to Miyuki's grandfather) became a frantic morning-glory, just jump into the torrent, but the sacrificial Act will look the more visible.
At that time, reflected in the first was a big pine tree.
Worthy of telling this story tree (about 6 centimeters and 20 meters in height) was pine trees in the wood Memorial, this temple was built by locals wither'd in 0/1935 regrettably, missed her compassion which was dedicated.
The epigraph was written "wind matsuhisa 髣 蕣 songs of marrow sollen goze Liu soul" Shimizu Shin-ichi Tanaka distinguished citizen of the island of what is.
This meaning is interpreted as "are similar to the sounds of the shamisen glory catch a wind among the pines, pine trees have died, goze soul still Hu marrow to reside". This story "glory journal" is made in the late Edo period (1811), is presented as Joruri, became a sensation.
"Shouutsushi" has been performing it. Shimada-Shi

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auto-translate 脸上的松树的起源

能不把桥上的 Oi 江户川劳动者协助,是河对岸。 旅行者被困在客栈中,又经常下雨河成为川止me。
这里的故事,如以下。 爱上了一个青春期的女儿美由纪在京都,在法院的 Aki 省 (广岛县) 去萤火虫,和宫城县麻生太郎说。
回家后,鸠山幸决定未婚夫驹次郎 hidarimamol 门的武士从父母和将会被告知。
然而,它会是个瞎子和麻生太郎次郎成功驹人不知情的情况下离家出走的房子和成为牵牛花命名门 (三弦琴),问麻生他徘徊的国家。
因为,来到岛田补习,饭店酒店每个悲伤的时候大约是流shi歩ite 不是歌曲,从客厅需要的声音。
波什知道麻生太郎和后,匆忙,追逐,归结的河和只是川止me。 得益于旅店主戎屋 (戎音) 道德右卫门 (实际上鸠山幸的祖父) 成为了疯狂的牵牛花,只是跳进激流,但祭祀行为会更明显。
值得一讲这个故事树 (大约 6 厘米,高 20 米) 木纪念馆一棵松树,这座寺庙由当地人在你驱遣 0/1935年遗憾的是,错过了她专用的同情心。
题词是写的什么岛"风松寿髣蕣歌曲的骨髓应然御柳灵魂"清水 Shin 琦田中杰出的公民是。
《 荣耀杂志 》 这个故事是在江户末期 (1811 年),提出了作为净,一夜走红。 "Shouutsushi"一直在履行它。


 江戸時代、大井川 には橋がかけられず、川越人足の手を借りて川を渡っていました。そして、雨が降って川の水かさが増すと、しばしば川止めとなり、旅人たちは、宿屋に、足止めされました。
 ここには次のような物語があります。安芸国(広島県)の娘深雪が、宮仕え中の京都で、蛍狩りに行き宮城阿曽次郎 という青年と恋仲になります。
 その時、はじめて目に映ったのが大きな一本の でした。
 この物語「朝顔日記」は、江戸後期(一八一一年)に作られたものですが、浄瑠璃 として上演されて大評判となりました。「生写朝顔話」は、いまでも上演されています。


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