Jozenji Temple (Jodo Sect of Buddhism)



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Jozenji Temple (Jodo Sect of Buddhism)
This temple is the family temple of the Soga brothers. This was named Jozen which means in front of a castle because this was built in front of the Soga castle where the brothers used to live.
After the brothers accomplished their officially permitted revenge (adauchi)upon Suketune Kudo for their father's death and committed suicide. their uncle Usami Zenshi (Zen priest ) brought their bones and built a shack here to pray for the repose of the brothers.
It is said that the brothers burned their umbrellas to get light when they attacked the object of their vengeance at night. The temple, therefore, burns umbrellas to comfort their spirits every May 28th, the day of the revenge. This is called Kasayaki (means burning umbrellas)Festival which is known for its rarity.
The temple has the tombs of the brothers, Juro and Goro, and their father and mother. There are many other relics related to the brothers in this precincts such as a sitting stone where one the brothers, Juro used to sit and play the flute thinking of his sweet heart and a stone memorial monument danated by kabuki actors.
Their tombs are built on the mound where the Soga castle was once standing.

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auto-translate 禅寺寺 (佛教的柔道教)
这座寺庙是 Soga 兄弟的家庙。这名叫定禅,这意味着在一座城堡,因为这被修造了在那里的兄弟曾住过 Soga 城堡前。
后兄弟完成他们正式允许的复仇 (adauchi) 对 Suketune 工藤为他们的父亲的死亡和自杀。他们的叔叔宇 Zenshi (禅宗牧师) 带来了他们的骨头和建在这里的一间小木屋,祈求的兄弟安息。
它是说兄弟烧他们遮阳伞去光,当他们夜里攻击了他们复仇的对象。殿里,因此,燃烧遮阳伞来安慰他们的精神每 5 月 28 日,复仇的一天。这被称为 Kasayaki (手段燃烧遮阳伞) 节,这已知其稀有性。
寺内有兄弟、 十郎和五郎,他们的父亲和母亲的坟墓。有许多其他文物有关在这个选区如坐石兄弟其中一个兄弟,十郎用于坐和思考他的甜蜜心和石牌坊纪念碑 danated 由歌舞伎演员吹笛子。
他们的坟墓都建立在土墩 Soga 城堡曾经站的地方。

 建久四年(1193)富士の裾野で兄弟が父の仇、工藤祐経 を討った後、叔父の宇佐美禅師は、その遺骨を携え此の地に来て庵を結び、兄弟の菩提を弔ったのがこの寺の始まりと伝えられる。


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