Tomb of Manko Gozen



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Tomb of Manko Gozen
Manko Gozen was the Mother of Soga Brothers, Juro-Sukenari and Goro-Tokimune, who were well-Known for the Great Three Vengeances of Japan.
She was the third daughter of Kano Chikamitsu in Izu and married the first husband, Minamotono Saemon-Inakanari who was the head of Izu. With him, she had a son and a daughter, but divorced after four years of marriage.
She remarried Kawazu Saburo Sukeyas, who was the eldest son of Ito Sukechika and became the head of Kawazu area. This time, she had three sons.The eldest brother was Ichiman, who was renamed Juro-Sukenari, the second eldest brother was Hakoo,who was renamed Goro-Tokimune, and the youngest brother was Risshibou Jitsuei, who was born after his father's death.
One day,a quarrel over their territory arose among the family, by which Manko Goozen's husband Sukeyasu was killed. On the recommendation of her father-in-law, she became a wife of Soga-Taro Sukenobu,who was the head of Soga area.
In 1176, when Manko was about 30 years old,her sons juro and Goro successfully avenged their father's death at the foot of Mt.Fuji.
In 1195,she became a Buddhist monk with her husband and built a temple in Soga Bessho for consoling the souls of her sons, Soga brothers.
She died at the age of 50 in May 28, which, interestingly, was coincided with the seventh memorial day of her sons'death. She was given a Kaimyo (a posthumous Buddhist name), Soseiin-Jougankoin-Daishi.

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Manko 午间是 Soga 兄弟、 十郎弼成和 Goro-Tokimune,那些知名的日本大三个复仇的母亲。
她卡诺亲光在伊豆的第三个女儿,嫁给了第一任丈夫,平家物语左卫门 Inakanari 是伊豆的头。有了他,她有一个儿子和一个女儿,但结婚四年后离婚。
她再婚河津三郎 Sukeyas,是伊藤佑近的长子和成为河津地区的负责人。这一次,她有三个儿子。大哥是一幡,谁更名十郎弼成,二哥是 Hakoo,谁更名五郎-Tokimune,最小的弟弟,Risshibou Jitsuei,他的父亲死后出生。
一天,家族,由哪个 Manko Goozen 丈夫先生正在点被杀之中产生了对其领土的争吵。在公公的建议,她成为了妻子 Soga 芋头允信,是团长 Soga 地区。
1176,当 Manko 年约 30 岁,她的儿子十郎和 Goro 成功报复他们的父亲死在富士山脚下。
在 1195,她与她的丈夫皈依佛门,并建立 Soga Bessho 的一座寺庙安慰她的儿子,Soga 兄弟的灵魂。
她在 5 月 28 日,适逢,有趣的是,是她的 sons'death 第七届阵亡将士纪念日,享年 50 岁。她给出了 Kaimyo (遗腹子的佛教名称),Soseiin-Jougankoin-大师。

満江御前は、日本三大仇討ちの一つとして名高い曽我兄弟 十郎祐子成と五郎時政の母である。伊豆の狩野親光の三女で、最初の夫は伊豆の国司代の源左衛門尉仲成で、一男一女を生んだが四年にして離別した。


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