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auto-translate Response by Edo 2 years triggered, began the construction of the lighthouse.
And absorbing technology, oil, gas, electricity and the development of new era Castle-Island Lighthouse is 11/1870 for the first time a light that emanated from creative development and improvement over the currently on-going, but in the meantime, the great Kanto earthquake and World War II and received a devastating blow, was not a short way is never a smooth one.
And reward long carved this lighthouse there is historical 11/1990 say 120 years history that during this period many sailors ' lives and precious goods came saved secretly, silently guarded behind the milestone this year thanks to the lighthouse personnel's struggle from generation to generation, along with and commit to a monument of gratitude to tell future generations because unattended by volunteers of the Islanders meet together, erected here in.
10/5/1991 Jogashima sightseeing Association

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auto-translate 响应由江户 2 年触发,开始建设的灯塔。 第一次出自创造性发展和改进,现正进行中,但在同时,伟大的关东大地震和二次世界大战和受到沉重的打击,不是一小段路永远不会是一个平滑的光吸收技术、 石油、 天然气、 电力和发展的新时代城堡岛灯塔是 11/1870年。
奖励长期雕刻这座灯塔,还有历史 11/1990年说 120 年历史,在此期间许多水手生活和贵重物品来保存秘密,默默地守护着后面的里程碑今年灯塔人员代,奋斗相处,并致力于一座纪念碑的感激之情地告诉下一代,因为由志愿者的岛民相遇在一起,无人值守在这里竖立。
Jogashima 观光协会

 由緒有るこの灯台 も平成二年十一月には百二十年と言う歴史を刻みましたがこの間幾多の船人達の命と貴重な財貨を人知れず救って来た功績を永く顕彰し、その陰には黙々と守って来た代々灯台職員各位の苦労に感謝すると共に、この年を節目として無人となるため島民有志一同合い集い感謝の念を後世に伝えるべく石碑に託しここに建立するものである。


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