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auto-translate Fukuoka Prefecture designated cultural asset Fukuoka Castle Memorial Tower Fukuoka Castle is the Castle entered the building before 0/1600 ( 1600 ) Kuroda Nagamasa over seven years from the next six years. Castle in Castle of long 梯郭 from East to West and is divided in the honmaru, ninomaru and sannomaru.
Its area is 480000 square meters and the 0/1957 is specified in the Japanese history mark.
Memorial Tower is a turret of the second tier was erected to seal the demon's Gate in the North-East corner of the honmaru, by building is currently building 0/1860 ( 1860 ) in March laid down, has found that was completed in October of that year. As the temple was moved to afterwards, Kuroda House Temple located in this city to 0/1918 ( 1918 ) sofuku-JI undertook the disposal from the Department of the army, the branch in Kitakyushu, yahatahigashi-Ku, the taishou era Temple. By the munafuda and completed in 0/1920. From 0/1983 ( 1983 ) in addition to next year made again to the current position of Fukuoka Castle was moved again.
Also, while 8/1957 is as a former Fukuoka Castle Memorial Yagura Fukuoka Prefecture tangible cultural property (building products) is provided in. Old photographs estimated to be taken ago the beginning of taishou era was moved and is speculated appearance and size are different compared to the current building, was moved to the Taisho Temple when significant modifications.
In the whitewashed walls of the Tower of the old State, second-tier Windows has found photos from that flower head window.
Fukuoka City Board of education Important to everyone's cultural heritage

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auto-translate 福冈县指定文化资产福冈城堡纪念塔
福冈城堡是城堡进入大楼前 0/1600年 1600年) 黑田长政七年从未来六年。在从东到西长梯郭城堡的城堡和被划分在 honmaru、 史迹和 sannomaru。其面积为 480000 平方米和,0 1957 年在日本历史上标记中指定。
纪念塔是塔楼的第二层被架设了密封的恶魔门在东北角的 honmaru,由大厦目前正在建设 0/1860年 1860年) 在 3 月份订下,找到了,那一年的 10 月完成了。
庙搬到之后,黑田家庙坐落在这座城市到 0/1918年 1918年) sofuku-吉进行了处置从陆军,在北九州市,yahatahigashi-Ku,分支部抬手时代寺。由 munafuda 和在已完成的 0/1920 年。从 0/1983年 1983年) 除了明年再使到福冈城堡的当前的位置是再次移动。此外,虽然 8/1957年作为前福冈城堡纪念橹福冈县有形文化财产 (建筑产品) 所是在。
老照片估计应采取前的抬手开始时代移动,而是人们猜测的外观和大小不同相比,当前的大厦,搬到大正寺当重大的修改。在旧州塔的粉刷墙壁,第二层 Windows 找到了那头花窗口中的照片。
2004 年 3 月

福岡県指定文化財 福岡城記念櫓
 福岡城 は慶長五年(一六〇〇)築前に入国した黒田長政 が翌六年から七年の歳月をかけて築城したものです。城は東西に長い梯郭式の平山城で、本丸・二の丸・三の丸に分かれています。その面積は四十八万平方メートルにおよび、昭和三十二年に国史跡に指定されています。


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