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Tangible Cultural Properties(Sculpture) Mokuzo zuishin-izo
Designated in 1975
Zuishinzo is a statue of an image of a god in Shinto, an indigenous religion in Japan. Traditionally, Shinto did not use graven images as object of worship, and stones and mirrors were used as an object of worship at a shrine. Because of the synthesis of Buddhism and Shinto, statues of gods, however, were started to be produced for Shinto around the Nara period after the model of status of Buddha in Buddhism.
The word "Zuishin" originally means ann army officer who is assigned to protect a regent or a chief advisor to the Emperor. These statues of guardians can be images of guardsman protecting gods.
The older statue is 74.5cm high. There are writings on ink inside of the neck and the torso. Monk Inaba Hokkyo Ouen carved the statue and the statue has been enshrined at Ono Shirine since its establishment.It is believed that the new statue (52.3cm in height) was produced later when Daini Sokei repaired the old statue.
Both statues are trade of Japanese cypress and carved in Yosegi Zukuri method (jointed block technique to build a statue). The statues are colored over the chalked base surface, and the head part was inserted and the eyes are made of crystal (Gyokugan). Both of the statues were repaired in 1975.
Since there are only a few remaining Zuishinzo which were produced before the Muromachi period these statues are valuable cultural properties.
Izo means an image of a figure seated on a chair with legs dangling as in these statues.
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auto-translate 有形的文化 Properties(Sculpture) Mokuzo zuishin 活儿指定在 1975 年Zuishinzo 是形象的神的一个雕像在日本本土宗教神道教。传统上,日本之神道教没有作为的崇拜物,使用雕刻的偶像和石头和镜子被用作在神社膜拜的对象。由于佛教和神道教的合成,诸神,然而,着手在奈良时代后的状态模型的佛教中的佛供神道教。词"Zuishin"原本是指安陆军军官奉命保护一名董事或对皇帝的首席顾问。这些雕像监护人可以卫兵保护神的形象。年长的雕像是 74.5 厘米高。有墨水在颈部和躯干的著作。和尚稲叶敦志 Hokkyo 旺雕刻塑像和自成立以来在小野 Shirine,已载入雕像。据说 Daini 曾庆修复旧的雕像时后, 制得新雕像 (52.3 厘米的高度)。这两个雕像是贸易的日本柏树和刻在 Yosegi 的神社建筑史方法 (节理岩体的块技术打造一座雕像)。雕像彩色粉笔写的基面,插入头部和眼睛都犯了晶体 (Gyokugan)。两个雕像修复于 1975 年。既然只有少量剩余 Zuishinzo 在室町时代之前产生这些雕像是宝贵的文化财产。活儿意味着一个坐在一张椅子上,双腿悬在这些雕像的人物形象。东京大都会教育委员会

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