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Site of the Meiji Kaido
Location: 3-14 Ginza, Chuo-Ku

The Meiji Kaido was a lecture hall built in 1881 on the initiative of Yukichi Fukuzawa ond designed by his relative Hisakichi Fujimoto. The two-story wooden structure mimicked Western architecture but had a traditional tile roof. The floor area was about 620 square meters.
The building was erected at a time when there were only a few proper lecture halls in the city, including the Mita Public Speaking Hall built by Fukuzawa. Lectures and speeches had usually been presented in large spaces designed for other purposes such as meeting rooms for rent, theatres or restaurants,and the Meiji Kaido was designed to replace those venues.
The explanation accompanying the brocade picture reproduced here says,"The main hall will hold three thousand people, the banquet room has 200 seats, and with its lecture room and office and other splendid rooms it is indeed the finest hall in Tokyo. "At that time the Meiji Kaido was the only lecture hall in the city equipped with a dining area, and it was frequently used for political gatherings and various speeches and events. Notable events included the inauguration ceremony for the Constitutional Reform Party in 1882, and the first Western-style ball to be held in Japan in 1883, before the famed balls at the Rokumeikan.
Ownership passed from Fukuzawa to the Ministry of Agriculture and Commerce at the end of 1882,and from 1884 it was used as the Welfare Hall until sale to a private owner in 1890. The building was destroyed by fire in the aftermath of the 1923 Great Kanto Earthquake.
March 2012
Chuo City Board of Education

auto-translate 在这儿的明治街渡
位置︰ 3-14 银座、 绰 Ku

明治街渡是一个演讲厅,建于 1881 年由他相对寿吉藤本设计的福泽涉嫌存在的倡议。两层木结构模仿西方建筑,但有传统瓦屋顶。建筑面积是约 620 平方米。
建一次时世界上只有几个适当的演讲厅里市,包括三田公众演讲厅由福泽。讲座和演讲通常提出了在大型空间用于其他用途,例如租金、 剧院或餐厅,会议室和明治街渡旨在取代这些场地。
伴随的织锦图片在这里转载的解释说:"主要大厅能容纳三千人,宴会室有 200 个座位,其演讲室及办公室与其他华丽的房间,它的确是东京最好大厅。"明治街渡当时,配有就餐区,这个城市唯一的演讲大厅,它被频繁地用于政治集会和各种演讲和事件。值得注意的事件包括宪法改革党在 1882 年,就职典礼仪式,第一次的中西合璧式球,于 1883 年前著名球在虽, 在日本举行。
所有权在 1882 年,年底从福泽传递到农业部和商务部和从 1884 年它被用作福利厅直到出售给私人物主r 于 1890 年。在 1923年关东大地震后,建筑被毁于火灾。
2012 年 3 月

所在地 中央区銀座三丁目十四番

 明治会堂は、明治十四年(一八八一)、福沢諭吉 の発案により建設された演説会場です。瓦葺き木造二階建て、建坪約六ニ〇平方メートルの擬洋風建築で、福沢の親戚である藤本寿吉 により設計されました。


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