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Cultural Property Designated by Urasoe City (Historic Site)
The Tomb of Tamagusuku Chokun (The Hentona Family Tomb)
Tamagusuku Shokun (1684-1734) was the founder of Kumiodori, Ryukyu's original performing art of singing and dancing. Chokun's family used to bear the name of tamagusuku as they served as Administrator General of Tamagusuku Magiri District for generations. The family name changed to Hentona in the later generations.
Chokun became then Odoribugyo or the Magistrate of Dance to receive the investiture envoys of China. Kumiodori created during that time was first performed at Shurijo Castle in 1719. Kumiodori is composed of music, dances, movements, and words, and although it was apparently influenced by the Japanese performing arts such as Noh and kabuki during its development, the stories are based on Ryukyu's historic events or legends. In particular, nidou Tekiuchi, Shushin Kaneiri, Mekarushi, Onna Monogurui, and Koko no Maki, are referred to as "Chokun's Five Pieces" and are highly acclaimed among his work. Kumiodori was added to the UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage list in 2010.
inside the tomb, the walls and ceiling are formed by piled stones and the ceiling is supported by four pillars. The grave is characterized by numerous curves on the stonewors, adn the curbstones are arranged in the garden so it spreads out like a Shamisen plectrum. The structure is believed to have been built between the late 17th century and early 18th century when Kameko-baka (turtleback tombs) were developing.
Designated as a Historic Site on August 8, 1995
Urasoe City Board of Education

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auto-translate 强势文化财产指定由浦添市内间城市 (历史遗址)
Tamagusuku 长勋 (Hentona 家族墓) 之墓
Tamagusuku Shokun (1684年-1734) 是组,琉球的原唱歌和跳舞表演艺术的创始人。用来承受 tamagusuku 的名字,因为他们担任的 Tamagusuku Magiri 区管理员将军世世代代的长勋的家庭。姓在后世改成 Hentona。
长勋成为了然后 Odoribugyo 或舞蹈裁判接受就职仪式的中国特使。在这段时间创建的组在 Shurijo 城堡在 1719 年首先进行。和组组成的音乐、 舞蹈、 运动和字,虽然它显然受到日本能剧和歌舞伎表演艺术在其发展过程中,故事都根据琉球的历史事件或传说。尤其是 nidou Tekiuchi,Shushin Kaneiri,Mekarushi,Onna Monogurui 和科科没有 Maki,被称为"长勋的五件"和他的工作极高的评价。组是在 2010 年加入联合国教科文组织非物质文化遗产名录。
陵墓,里面的墙壁和天花板由堆石头和天花板由四个支柱。坟墓的特点由许多曲线上的 stonewors,和路被安排在花园里,所以它散开像三弦琴拨片。结构认为打造 17 世纪末至 18 世纪初当龟子坝ka (龟甲墓) 正在发展。
在 1995 年 8 月 8 日指定为古迹

浦添市指定文化財(史跡) 玉城朝薫(たまぐすくちょうくん)の墓(邊土名(へんとな)家の墓)
史跡指定 平成七年八月八日


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