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auto-translate River general family cemetery
Before the war, the former Tokugawa Shogun mausoleum Temple (otamaya also referred to), was lined with North and South of zojo-ji Temple (left and right).
Solemn and majestic mausoleum consists of many facilities and central cemetery, honden, haiden, and made good use of the best technology of the time was, one is designated as national treasures, magnificent scenery.
Then most destroyed in the air raid struck 0/1945 (1945) and the remaining buildings lost its designation.
Gate in front of the old treasures in "casting out the gate" (rather easygoing dog) and treasure Tower before the Palace mausoleum (6th Shogun, Tokugawa) in "middle gate" has been moved.
Left or right door is made of bronze with AOI Crest by five to, ascending Dragon, Dragon downhill casting on both sides its magnificence is one of the few remains to Nikko Toshogu Shrine and criticized along marvellously and overtaken.
Graves, 2 h. t. Duke, 6th generation House, Park and 7 Ieshige public transit Park and 9-generals iemochi public twelve generatin Kyung Park, 14-6, as well as the wife of five people, sources Hospital (2 h., fair room, Iemitsu's biological mother, and Jiang), static, Academy Palace (14 homes, fair room focused), Katsura, hospital (third Iemitsu official concubines, Godai tsunayoshi Park mothers) as well as five concubines, and the third Park No. 3 child grants Prime Minister rope weight Iemitsu other numerous sons and daughters of the former generals are buried.
--- H. t. Tokugawa Sen Tokugawa joint Tokugawa heavy Tokugawa Tokugawa Kei Tokugawa iemochi

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auto-translate 河流一般的家族墓地
二战前前, 德川幕府将军陵墓 (otamaya 还提到) 的寺庙,被内衬与北部和南部 zojo 寺 (左和右)。
庄严、 雄伟的陵墓包括很多设施和中央公墓,特殊,海登,和利用的时间最好的技术很好了,一个被指定为国宝,壮丽的风景。
然后最毁于空袭击中 0/1945年 (1945 年) 和剩余的大厦失去了它的指定。
门前的旧宝藏"走出了大门铸造"(而随和的狗) 和珍惜的宫殿陵墓前的塔 (6 幕府将军,德川) 中的"中间门"已被移动。
左边或右边的门用铜做的 AOI 嵴五至、 升龙,龙下坡铸造对双方其雄伟壮丽是少数到日光东照宫神社之一沿奇妙地批评和超越。
坟墓,2 h.t.公爵,房子、 公园和 7 家重公共过境公园和 9 将军家茂公共十二水轮庆公园、 14-6,,以及五口人,妻子的第六代源医院 (2 h.,公平人间,德川家光的亲生母亲和江),静态,学院宫 (14 家园,集中的公平房间),太郎,医院 (第三次德川家光官方小妾,五代纲吉公园母亲) 以及五个小妾和第三的公园 3 号,儿童授予总理绳重量德川家光其他众多的儿子和前将军的女儿被埋。

徳川秀忠 徳川家宣 徳川家継 徳川家重 徳川家慶 徳川家茂


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