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auto-translate The origin of the ladder Inari
Edo is new timber town, 16, 17, 18, Japan Inari Hotel Inari site its old Tokugawa Ieyasu triumphal entry 0/1580 (1590) around this area is wooded Cedar was the village that shibahara station Jiang detached Castle each town since Edo town assignment Yuki was from 0/1604 (1604) was a lumberyard, new timber town and street, 0/1617 ( 1617 ) father called HOJO ronin Shoji Jin right Mamoru other ravings in several Crest than Kyoto Fushimi Inari Shrine and the Festival as a guardian and after here Executive we match patron until present.
Our Hall is Ming 3 years ( 1657 ) Edo fire furisode fire, 1854 (1854) earthquake and great fire of 0/1873 (1873), great Kanto earthquake (1923) 0/1923 near the Showa Pacific war until Idol woes isolation was held.
Back cut shrine burned matches currently in horidome-Cho 1-Chome 10-State forest shrine haiden 取毀し materials (cedar tree) when the great Kanto earthquake and completed in 0/1931 (1874) and so far a number of you have faith.
Yuki gave name to the Edo period the first city Ichikawa Danjuro pay a daily visit and then, as defined by success here than shopping, performing arts related individuals many out and pray.
Day hatsuuma every year March and iwashiro Inari in, will be executed at the horidome-Cho 1-Chome Town Council support.
Ōchō horizons kanei figure Sutra, ancestor legend said.
5/1981 (1981) Ranks Inari Executive

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auto-translate 伊纳里的梯子的起源
江户是新木材镇,16,17,18,日本 Inari 酒店 Inari 网站其旧德川家康凯旋条目 0/1580年 (1590) 在这一带树木繁茂的雪松是电车车站江分离的城堡每个镇自江户城转让徐怀钰是从 0/1604年的村庄 (1604 年) 被木材堆置场、 木材城新和街,0/1617年 1617年) 父亲称为北条浪人商事金右卫其他狂言在几个波峰比京都伏见 Inari 神社和作为一个守护者的节日,在这里执行之后我们匹配赞助人直到现在。
我们的大厅是明 3 年 1657年) 江户火袂火,1854年 (1854 年) 地震和大火 0/1873 年 (1873 年),关东大地震 (1923) 0/1923年附近昭和太平洋战争之前举行的偶像困境隔离了。
回切靖国神社被烧火柴目前在河里多幕町 1 丁目 10 国家森林神社海登取毀し 材料 (雪松树) 当关东大地震和在完成的 0/1931 年 (1874),到目前为止大量的你有信心。
每 3 年月的一天 hatsuuma 和 iwashiro 中,伊纳里将会在河里多幕町 1 丁目镇议会支持执行。
Ōchō 视野兼井图佛经,祖先传说说。
1981 年 5 月 (1981 年)
行列 Inari 行政



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