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auto-translate Branch history of Naritasan Temple and left cars Hinatayama is now useful 750 years was there at the temple said that before the denominated annual illuminated hospital named after a court carriage was he riding of Prince in here fujieda-Juku become Shogun Munetaka post-saga child (10 years old), from Kyoto to Kamakura Tokaido halfway up the left wheel has broken. There were rest in between the illuminated light hospital to repair a court carriage. Rest is honored to be dzukatta at the temple to commemorate the surname left car rest Temple, temple name since then. And then buried, behind the temple sacred to this repair the damaged left wheel and axle, who built the Palace Koichi, mark. Now save the named cars left shrine.
Again, this place too and left car name, has been.
At that time had a Buddhist temple, fudo-do, daishido, and living on the grounds became now River after Mr. Takeda at warring States period during the Japanese invasion-sakanoue's alter-ego Chief Temple, Chiba, Narita mountains later destroyed by fire for the 2 ° World War II experience across Changan temple as well and had so far, everyone who's burning depending on the your shone like and constant Shizuoka, only one as Naritasan completion of first year of the Meiji era and still unprecedented success on Buddhist great law today after the got with magnificent view of the Suruga region as.
That Noriyuki unlimitedly and delighting extremely honored. Gassho-zukuri

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auto-translate 成田山寺和左的车的分支历史记录

Hinatayama 是现在有用 750 多年有在庙里说,在法院的名字命名的计价年度照明医院之前马车是他骑马的王子在这里的藤枝补习成为幕府将军宗孝后传奇孩子 (10 岁),从京都到镰仓东海道山腰那左边的轮子坏了。 有照明的光医院修复法院马车时休憩。 其余部分很荣幸能成为 dzukatta 寺为了纪念离开车休息寺,寺名自那时以来的姓氏。 然后被埋,在神圣的这种修复受损左车轮与车轴寺,是谁建宫光一,标记。 现在保存命名的汽车左靖国神社。 再次,这也和离开车名称,一直。
当时时间都佛教寺庙,不动做,大师堂,,生活为由成为现在河后武田先生在战国时期期间日本入侵-沙坎奴的改变自我长官庙,千叶,成田山后来被毁于火为 2 ° 跨长安寺以及二次世界大战经验到目前为止,每一个人依靠燃烧你照着像和恒定的静冈县,只有一个作为明治时代仍然空前的成功,对佛教大法今天后得到的第一年成田完成与骏区域的壮丽景色。




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Tags: ocr-generated 静岡県 藤枝市
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Tags: ocr-generated 静岡県 藤枝市
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Tags: ocr-generated 静岡県 藤枝市