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auto-translate Concrete basin (whether elephant suibann) OTA Justice made (Oh tamasa annoyingly good)
Koto-ku designated tangible cultural property (craft) think about history and culture, Tomioka 1-20-3 Tomioka hachimangu shrine
Specify 3/28/2011 This basin is first (KAZ) 3 years (1803) may you pray for, "Tenka taihei country peaceful", was dedicated. Designed with legs wrapped in the forging (excluding sheet) bronze plate basin made of stone and made a fine cloud of casting (minting). Author is OTA justice living in Kanda (Chiyoda-ku), master (imonoshi).
From generation to generation and (m. m. Yi, Yi) OTA Suruga Mamoru (suruganokami) Fujiwara no justice roku-Edo jizos located in lingyan Temple, casting also provides the OTA family. Engraved dedication name koshiba Republican to become the front and both sides of the basin total of 290 people and place of residence. Merchants and seen most of the dedication of the position is different.
Also, parishioners (accident) beyond the range of the town (part of the Koto-ku and Sumida-ku and Chuo-ku) also tradesman such as daimon-Dori (oomonntoori) (Chuo-ku, Chiyoda-ku) and evacuees (yumichou) (Chuo-ku), and many participated in votive Tomioka hachimangu shrine is parishioners from the Edo period merchant widely attracted the faith, not only in the town you can see.
Said to overcome the great Kanto earthquake and war damage with fire in the whole marks can be found that is still used as a basin, managed to survive wartime metal also in precious cultural assets.
2/2012 Koto City Board of education

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auto-translate 混凝土水池 (是否大象 suibann) OTA 正义作出 (Oh tamasa 烦人好)
江东指定有形文化财产 (工艺) 想想历史和文化,富冈 1-20-3 富冈八幡宫
指定 2011/3/28
这个盆子是第一次 (哈萨克斯坦) 3 年 (1803 年) 可能你祈祷的"天科太平国和平",是专用。 设计用石头做成的锻造 (不包括表) 青铜板盆地裹起来,做细云铸造 (铸造) 的腿。 作者是 OTA 司法生活在神田 (千代田区),硕士 (imonoshi)。 从一代一代人和 (下午 m.彝族,彝族) OTA 骏卫 (suruganokami) 藤原没有司法 roku 江户 jizos 位于灵岩寺,铸造也提供 OTA 家族。
刻的奉献名称雷蒙德共和党成为正面及两侧盆地共有 290 人和居住地点。 商人和献身最多见是位置的不同的。 此外,教区 (事故) 镇 (江东和购物广场和中央谷的一部分) 的范围之外也大门通 (oomonntoori) (中央 ku,千代田区) 和撤离者 (yumichou) (中央-ku) 和很多参加还愿富冈八幡宫的商人是教区居民从江户时期商人广泛吸引的信念,不只是在小镇,你可以看到。

銅造水盤(どうぞうすいばん) 太田正義作(おおたまさよしさく)
歴史と文化を考えよう 江東区指定有形文化財(工芸品)
富岡一ー二〇ー三 富岡八幡宮
平成二三年三月二八日 指定
 この水盤 は、享和(きょうわ)三年(一八〇三)五月に、「天下大平国土安穏」を祈願して奉納されました。石製の水盤を鍛造(たんぞう)の青銅板で包み、見事な雲の造形がなされた鋳造(ちゅうぞう)の脚を付けた構造となっています。作者は神田(千代田区)に住む鋳物師(いものし)の大田正義 です。代々大田駿河守(するがのかみ)藤原正義(正儀、政儀とも)を名乗り、霊巌寺などにある江戸六地蔵の鋳造も大田家が行っています。


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