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auto-translate Now like monument front description plate Mao-history and culture
Now Chinese futagawa phase and in the form of master of the Fukuoka-Han Confucian scholars and poets in-Cho 2-Chome, was famous as a calligrapher in particular near (1767-1836) and original high brother, Ishimatsu, (1797-1883) of fashionable song monument, was erected in 0/1888 (1888) is.
Falls Shinobu. If passed River River Willow uyete thing (and)
What one do sword reign Grace's (heaven and Earth), rust.

2 Kawai near
Kuroda Willow with a name and English and also no kazoku to katayora
And enlist the Green shadow beings to Shinobu

Ishimatsu original Kei
Two poems and song praised the courage of a forced crossing if Meston (Gifu city) before the battle of Sekigahara vanguard, Kuroda won the General and Kuroda Nagamasa crossing in a horse with that senryu that episode when it was helmet to senryu branch caught still managed to live trees were planted in Fukuoka that "fashionable" is sung.
48 rhyme repeated 4 times and the fashionable songs, popular in the late Edo period haiku poem in the futagawa near has left many fashionable songs. Chuo-ku, Ward Office Planning section

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auto-translate 现在像纪念碑前说明板毛泽东历史和文化

现在中国双川相在形式的大师的福冈汉代儒家学者和诗人在町 2 丁目,著名的书法家特别是附近 (1767年-1836) 和原高兄弟,Ishimatsu,(1797年-1883) 的流行歌的纪念碑,竖立在 0/1888 年 (1888) 是。
瀑布 Shinobu.如果通过河河柳 uyete 事 (和)
哪一个做剑统治恩典 (天堂和地球),生锈。
2 川附近

黑田东彦柳还没有到 katayora 家族与一个名称和英语
并争取到 Shinobu 绿色阴影众生
Ishimatsu 原基

两诗和歌受到表扬强渡的勇气,如果梅斯 (岐阜市) 在关原先锋,黑田赢得了一般和黑田长政穿越那千柳马这段插曲时头盔千柳科抓住仍设法活树战役前的埋设在福冈唱"时髦"。
重复 4 次 48 韵和时尚的歌曲,在江户末期俳句诗在附近双川留下了很多时尚的歌曲受欢迎。

中央区歴史と文化の説明板 筑前今様歌碑

合渡の川の河柳 うゑてぞしのぶふる事(や)
やり一すぢにさび刀 御代の恵みは天地(に)

黒田柳と名をおひて 其里人もかたよらす
むかしをしのぶ春ごとに 緑のかげを仰ぐなり

 この二首は、関ヶ原の戦いの前に合渡川(岐阜市)を強行渡河した先陣・黒田勢の勇気を称えた歌と、大将・黒田長政 が渡河中に馬もろともながされそうになった時、兜が川柳の枝に引っかかり一命を取りとめたというエピソードのある川柳の木が福岡に植えられていたことを歌った「今様歌」です。
中央区役所 企画課


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