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auto-translate Article 1-Kannon Temple This temple is Kannon (towards the left) and we enshrined the Koshin Tower.
0/1812 (181 d) communicated even with the founded aspects in the tower "tempo 15th [Jia] Dragon" (1845) of are inscribed. Hayagriva was faith as the guardian deity of the village deity cattle, and farming, koshin Tower.
Seems that Edo period, this region is in the rural fields of that even the Kannon-abundance and well-being to pray for, was erected in a corner of the village. This temple is the current bus staff, was held at the fair. 0/1921 (19 d 1) according to local volunteers submitted at OJI police station, restart the fair in years, until it lost temporary "stalls stalls hope" (currently, Kita-ku, Asuka Mountain Museum), a fair monthly 9.19 pm 6-is assumed to be held at 11 am, from crossing over to more than 100 meters towards the Prince, though street vendors.
This fair is was held 0/1925 until then. Current Temple was rebuilt by volunteers of 0/1986 (1986), is.
It is our Kannon Edo since jizo defend keeps has me continue forever and enshrined and I want.
0/2010 (2010) in January present On article 10 1-goddess of mercy Chapel preservation society

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auto-translate 文章 1 观音寺
这座寺庙是观音 (向左) 和我们所载 Koshin 塔。 0/1812 (181 d) 甚至相通的成立方面在塔"节奏 15 [家] 龙"(1845) 的都刻。
明王是作为村神牛和耕作,koshin 塔的护法神的信仰。 似乎那江户时代,这个地区是在乡村的田地里的即使观音丰度和福祉祷告,被架设在村子的一角。
这座寺庙是当前总线工作人员,在博览会举行。 0/1921 (19 d 1) 根据当地志愿者,在王子警察局,提交在年,直到它失去了临时的"档档希望"重新启动公平 (目前,北谷,飞鸟山博物馆),一个公平每月 9:19 下午 6-假定举行 11 上午,从跨越到 100 多米对王子,虽然街头小贩。 这次博览会是在那之前举行了 0/1925年。
当前寺庙重建由志愿者 0/1986 年 (1986 年),是。 它是我们观音江户由于菩萨捍卫保持了我永远继续下去和庄严,我想。
2010 年 0 月 (2010 年) 在 1 月的礼物
第 10 1-观音教堂保存社会条

 当観音堂は、馬頭観音(向かって左側)と庚申塔 を安置しております。文化九(一八一ニ)年の創建とも伝えられ、庚申塔の側面には「天保十五[甲]辰」(一八四五年)の銘が刻まれています。


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