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auto-translate Dragon Temple (keiryuuji) (Utsu (utsusann), Dragon Temple)
Gyeongju Temple is a temple of the Soto opened 0/1578 (1578), Kan m. Academy 4 world's Asahi Osho enmei jizo (production of kōbō-Daishi) is dedicated as a shrine of the temple, the main object of worship is juichimen kanzeon bosatsu.
During the fair, held every August in 23.24, then travels from the Muromachi period 10 dumplings (toudanngo) famous for 10 balls are sold to visitors. Summary from 10 balls, and long ago, Utsu-for Devil eats a traveler in the Valley pass, save the flame of mercy and Ariwara no Narihira (and straw and Palm) of by pray for transformed into tabisou jizo bosatsu, Utsu-duel with demon in the Valley pass. Tabisou says "soon reveal itself" demon appeared, disguised in human form, and soon transformed into a demon 6 m figure. See more of you with llinks's awesome. Now, as smaller ride in the Palm of my hand ". Say "good" demon small balls, jumped and hopped in the Palm of the tabisou. Tabisou, crushing the ball quickly with a hand wand "you became a Buddha on it. Plagued travelers this is it! ' and Satoru and swallowed the demons shattered the 10 grains.
Is then the evil demon is no longer along the way, patron for bun rosaries (prayer beads)-to 10 balls to make the exorcism and, it was still coming to 794.
1/1985 Shizuoka-Shi

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auto-translate 龙寺 (keiryuuji) (Utsu (utsusann)、 龙寺)
庆州寺是索殿开 0/1578 号 (1578 年),菅直人下午学院 4 世界朝日奥修 enmei 菩萨 (kōbō 大师生产) 专用的寺庙神社,崇拜的主要对象是 juichimen kanzeon bosatsu。
博览会期间,每年的八月举行 23.24,然后旅行从室町时期 10 饺子 (toudanngo) 著名 10 球销往访客。
摘要从 10 球,和很久以前,Utsu-为魔鬼在谷通吃一个旅行者,保存的怜悯和 Ariwara 火焰没有成平 (和秸秆和棕榈) 的由祈祷供变成 tabisou 菩萨 bosatsu,Utsu-决斗与恶魔谷传递中。 Tabisou 说:"很快显现"恶魔出现,在人类形态中,伪装,很快变成恶魔 6 m 图。 看到更多的你与通力的令人敬畏。 现在,作为小骑在我的手掌"。 说"好"恶魔小球,跳,跳在手掌上的 tabisou。 Tabisou,破碎球迅速用一只手棒你成为了佛陀在它上。 旅行的困扰这是它! ' 和悟和吞下恶魔粉碎 10 粒。 是那么邪恶的恶魔不再是一路走来,守护神为髻念珠 (念珠)-10 球,使到驱邪和它仍然来到了 794。



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